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MS Charity

Anne Charlton Lodge

While playing for Middlesbrough, I was asked to go and visit a lad called Brian Paul, who was suffering from MS and was housebound. After a couple of visits, I moved down to the potteries and lost touch with him.

When I returned to Teeside one day I was swimming at Berwick Hills baths and a guy approached me and asked if I remembered a lad called Brian Paul.

“Of course. ” I replied. He told me he was in Ann Charlton Lodge at Redcar.

From then on I visited Brian and struck up a friendship with him.

Despite his dissabilites he loved a laugh, football and music.

He was a massive Boro fan and listened to the games on the radio and loved match of the day. His favorite band was Status Quo.

Sadly Brian passed away in 2009.

Over the years I have tried to raise funds for the Ann Charlton Lodge doing marathons and books.

In 2006 I handed over £32,159.The cash was raised through 3000 sales of my autobiography Legend?

The donation was used to fund refurbishment of the Teesdale wing with the developement of a recreation area and wheelchair friendly routes in the gardens.

To help the lodge send tokens to:

Ann Charlton Lodge, Eden Hall Grove, Redcar. TS10 4PR.

MND Fund

The Middlesbrough manager who gave me my big break in English football was ex Boro star Willie Maddren. Saddly Willie passed away after suffering from the dreadfull condition Motor Neurone Disease.

In receent years I have got friendly with a guy called Mike Findley who suffers from the same condition.

Mike lives in Marske and originates from Tooting in SW london, he was brought up a Fullham fan and after years up North has adopted Middlesbrough as his second team.

Over the years mike has not felt sorry for himself he has been out raising thousands for the MND association.

Over the last few  years I have helped in a small way assembling a ex Middlesbrough eleven, against an emmerdale eleven,and credit to the local people they have turned out in droves to donate to a great cause.

Lets hope they all turn up on Sunday 1st August this year as we are doing it all again.

Mike has done such a magnificent job, raising money and doing charity work that he has been awarded an MBE.

If you would like to donate to MND please look on link below.


I have always loved and adored animals, at the minute I own a pony, goat, chicken ,3 cats and 3 dogs.

I have always been against animal cruelty, ever since I was a young boy.

Over the years I have posed with t-shirts saying stop amimal cruelty and in 1990 I donated two World Cup shirts signed by the Republic of Ireland squad which raised a few quid for the RSPCA.

I have to openly admit I am not a vegetarian. Im trying to change my ways. In the main I eat chicken, as a player I ate it for protein. Could I live with out it? Of course I could, its habit.

Recently I watched the footage of animal abuse and murder in farms and abbattoirs. I had to switch off after 20 secs.

Animals such as chickens, cows and sheep are getting abused on factory farms across europe and around the globe.

Animal like humans feel fear and pain.

Thousands of animals are killed violentley for the flesh every year, whilst others spend almost thier entire lives confined to filthy cramped conditions.

If you love animals like I do, it dosen’t make sense to hurt , kill or eat them.

Animals are like children they look at us for protection.




The site below contains disturbing footage.