Tedious season finally over.

Goodbye to another season of uninspiring, negative, frustrating football.
Anyone with an ounce of football intelligence and sanity regarding the so called beautiful game, will know that entertainment and scoring gaols are the most difficult things to achieve in the game.
It’s what the majority of the fans, the paying customer craves when spending their hard earned cash.
Unfortunately under AK and TP we have been served up years of tedious, unimaginative, repugnant, defensive, boring football.
If I had a pound every time someone says to me, “Slaven get your boots on,” this season. I would be loaded. Obviously its a sarcastic, daft throw away comment from the fan but my reply never wavered and was more serious “I could not play in this team or Karankas.” Both have similar traits. They shore things up, frustrate, keep the retention of the ball in negative areas, put the opposition to sleep then try and knick a goal.
As a forward thinking person and former goalscoring forward I would detest playing for either.
In fact I would rather eat one of my own testicles and thats coming form a vegan!

Don’t get me wrong defending is an art and Tony Pulis has had a terrific career playing this brand and style of football. That is proven by his longevity in the game. Boro’s defensive record this season is the best alongside Sheffield United, they have both conceded 41 goals each.
The only difference is Sheffield have scored 29 more goals and have gained automatic promotion. An astonishing turn around when you consider we outclassed them at the Riverside at the start of this season, when we gubbed them 3-0.

Over the years at Boro guys like Southgate, Mowbray and Pulis have spoken more like financial advisers, accountants and chief executives than mangers who should be concentrating only on the footballing side of the game. Tony Pulis has openly admitted he is going to be having a meeting with Steve Gibson. Obviously we all have opinions but there is only one that matters and counts. Do I think Tony Puils will be here? My gut instinct is that he won’t.
Rumours are rife on Teesside that Tony Pulis would go upstairs and Jonathan Woodgate would take over the reigns. I personally think that this is all nonsense . I may be proven wrong, we will soon find out.

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