Blue Murder.

I had many ups and downs during my eight years stint on Teesside as a Boro player between 1984-1992. My proudest moment wearing the red shirt of Boro was relegating Chelsea in their own backyard at Stamford Bridge in 1988, In the second leg of the play-off final. On the day we were beaten 1-0, but over the two legs, Boro won 2-1. Senior and Slaven were the goalscorers.
Going from relegation, liquidation and bankruptcy to third, second then first in consecutive seasons, was an unbelievable achievement, with a group of local lads at the helm. A unique period for the football club. Ever since that memorable day I have despised Chelsea. For those that can’t remember the events, when the final whistle went I was nearest to the 10,000 Boro fans that day.I instantly turned and ran towards them. I just took it, all the other Boro players were behind me. As I approached the Boro faithful they looked animated and were pointing over my head, as I turned round, all the players were heading for the tunnel as the Chelsea fans spilled onto the pitch and were causing mayhem. Police appeared on horseback to try and control the Chelsea thugs. I was never quick but seeing the opposition fans running in my direction I would have beaten Linford Christie. As a team, we were locked in the dressing room for at least forty-five minutes, while police cleared the riff-raff off the pitch.
28 years on Chelsea have taken revenge and have returned the compliment. Tonights viewing was a torturous, agonising and excruciating ending to our premier league status.

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