Something has to change.

After 26 premier league games and with no wins in our last 9, it is quite clear and evident that our style of play, tactics and game plan are not working, we have become a predictable football team.
On the eye we are average and frustrating to view, that’s despite having some very talented individuals. As an attacking force, we continue to be unadventurous cautious and toothless.
A lack of goals confirms this.
The blinkered brigade don’t like negative opinions, well regarding my opinion, it’s driven by what I see, negative opinions don’t lose you games or get you relegated. Negative performances do. At this minute, we as a team are looking doomed, let’s not pussy foot about here, something has to change. For me its one of three things, either AK needs help and assistance from an outsider like Bryan Robson did when Terry Venables arrived to get us out of the mess, although Venables arrived in November, not going into March with only 12 games left. AK has to bin his negative and hesitant approach once and for all and go for it. Or AK has to walk away whilst we still have a glimmer of hope and a chance to turn it around.
We are watching our top flight status evaporate in front of our very eyes, due to the same old boring brand of football every week and nothing is changing.
I have always said that a negative approach and negative tactics, equals negative results.
We need to find a solution and find it quickly.

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