Not offended by AK’s comments

“The crowd walking out, atmosphere awful, fans demanding a lot of the players and fans needing to understand where we were last season or two seasons ago, they, (fans) knew it would be tough” The quotes of AK after the West Ham game.
If I’m honest, I was surprised but not offended. He is being interviewed after a 3-1 defeat at home to an average West Ham team. His adrenaline is pumping, he is angry, frustrated and feeling the pressure.
Why shouldn’t the manager say exactly how he feels, every Tom Dick and Harry has an opinion on AK and his team.
I have experienced all of the above back in 1989 at Ayresome Park while playing for Middlesbrough against Liverpool in the top flight. We were gubbed 4-0, and a section of our supporters walked out threw their scarves onto the pitch and started signing you’ll never walk alone. For me that was unforgivable, at the time I wasn’t in a position to have a go publicly, as I had missed a team trip to Bermuda due to my flying phobia and I had just been fined two weeks wages.

Don’t forget we had gone third, second to top flight, in consecutive seasons after relegation, bankruptcy and liquidation. The other thing not to forget was Liverpool were beaten on the last day of that season for the title by Arsenal they had players like Barnes, Beardsley and Aldridge, that was an indication how good the side was. Unfortunately fans live for today they are not interested in the past.

Going back to AK quotes do I agree?
Certainly not, the atmosphere I thought was terrific, the fans left when the third goal went in at ninety four minutes. Regarding the season being tough, everyone knew it was going to be tough but I think it is been made tougher by slow, laboured, predictable passing. Our cautious, hesitant, negative approach to games is starting to show in the performances, results and lack of goals.
As a spectacle I enjoyed the West Hame game, it was end to end stuff. Traore was terrific, pace trickery, creativity he ticked all the boxes on saturday, if he were to go to Chelsea it would be disastrous.
In the first half there were two balls played across West Hams six yard box waiting for someone to tap them in and both went a begging. I could have scored at least one now. A fox in the box type player is clearly lacking or is been overlooked.
Our defence this season has received the plaudits and rightly so, but on Saturday they were all over the place. Andy Carroll was outstanding not just from an attacking point of view but defensively. If we had the big geordie, providing he was fit of course, our system would work a great deal better. He is the perfect target man. We now have to find a solution to winning games of football.
We have not won in the last five league games.
Our next league game is against West Brom at the Riverside there is no predicting the outcome. The only thing that is predictable is that it won’t be a game for the purists.
I laughed when I read a fan saying Karanka is one to be having a go at the fans walking out when he walked out last season.
Then I remembered, I walked out as well, one game after been subbed.

Walking out whether your a manager, player or a fan doesnt mean you don’t love the club it means there is a reason.

I am not one of those who are jumping on the bandwagon. I am still fully behind the manager and believe he will keep us in the division but things on the park need to change so we can succeed.

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