Striking dilemma

We travelled to Southampton knowing that the Saints would adopt similar tactics to ourselves and that a goal fest was never on the cards.A 1-0 either way would satisfy either manager. Unfortunately for us Southampton grabbed it.
After conceding early into the second half I was expecting a couple of substitutes to come off the bench to try and change the course of the game and our fortunes.Traore came on with nine minutes to go, not enough time to make an impact.
I will be honest I was probably as surprised as Jordan Rhodes that he started.His confidence must be rock bottom,lower than a snakes belly.This season he has been overlooked, neglected and isolated. He has been on the bench, left out and been introduced for four minute spells.Should he be in before Negredo?No.
Should we have bought him? No
Does he have the qualities to play upfront on his own? No.
Is he a natural goalscorer? Yes.
Has he been given a fair chance? No.
Could he form a partnership with Negredo? Yes.
Will this ever happen? No.
Will he be off in January? Yes.
I would question why Stuani who arrived at the club as a striker and who continues to play on the wing did not start up the middle in the lone furrow role?
For me he continues to be a square peg in a round hole.Rhodes and Nugent are clearly not rated or equipped to play the lone striking role and by failing to play Stuani through the middle when there was an opportunity is maybe a indication that he doesn’t fit the bill either.
My concern is and has been this season is what happens if Negredo gets injured and is ruled out for two months rather than one game? Let’s hope and pray this doesn’t happen .
But what do we do who fills the gap?
The dynamics of the side goes to pot.
Let’s hope when the window opens a striker with the qualities to play that isolated, demanding,unrewarding role arrives.
In my heart of hearts I think there is more chance of a central defender being signed.

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