BERNIE’S BOLT 20th April 2016

I laughed when I read Aitor Karankas quotes ahead of the game against Burnley when he claimed the Clarets can have “no excuses” if they fail to achieve promotion.
Aitor went on to say “ Imagine if I had a team with ten to thirteen players from the premier league and my chairman sent me Gray and Tarkowski and other players, maybe we would be in the premier league in February.” Of course, it was mind games and kidology.
Sean Dyche tried similar tactics at the start of the season when he was quoted as saying. The “Pressure is on” Middlesbrough FC to clinch promotion this season, after a summer spending spree.
He went on months later to sarcastically say he has no problems with Boro’s spending spree, splashing out more than £15 million on Downing, Stuani, Nugent and De pena.
Let’s be honest Aitor Karanka and Sean Dyche, deserve to be under the spotlight and pressure due to the talent they have got at their disposal, and the financial clout they have been given.If either fails to clinch promotion it would be disastrous and classed as failure, I’m sure they are both aware of this. Up until now both their teams have handled the pressure very well.
Any point away from home is classed as a good one.
We all know it was gut-wrenching losing a goal at ninety odd minutes. But remaining in pole position is a psychological boost. The overall winners on the night were Brighton. What a turn around they have had since we thrashed them 3-0, and credit must go to my former Republic of Ireland team-mate Chris Hughton.
On the subject of my Republic of Ireland, team mate big Mick McCarthy he brings his Ipswich team to the Riverside on Saturday. I’m fed up hearing people saying they have nothing to play for. I recall playing against Leicester City back in 1988 on the final day of the season at Ayresome Park.
The Foxes had nothing to play for we had to win to go up automatically. Everyone thought we just had to turn up and turn them over. We were beaten 2-1.
There is no doubting it will be a tense affair, but I’m confident we can take all three points providing our standards of recent weeks don’t drop.
Finally, I would like to congratulate Jordan Rhodes on his recent goal haul. Let’s hope he continues banging them in for the remaining games.

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