On Monday 11th Jan 2016,I woke up to a text message which read ” Sorry to start the day with bad news but I just heard that Bowie has passed away after battling cancer. ”
I was genuinely devastated to hear that ‘The Thin White Duke’ had passed away.
David Bowie was the man who got me into music.I was aged 11 when I heard Life On Mars after that I was hooked.
I recall jumping regularly on the local bus from my council estate in Castlemilk to a record shop near Hampden Park to purchase Bowie vinyl, single and albums.The first single I recall purchasing was Young Americans,as soon as the release date was out I would be there on the day to pick up my copy.
The excitement on the way to collect it was unbearable and all the way back I would be scrutinising the sleeve cover and checking that there were no scratches on the vinyl . When I got back to my room, once it was on the turntable it stayed there until I knew every lyric and note.My late father was forever shouting change that record will you.
From a tender age I was intrigued, fascinated and hypnotised by Bowie. The fact that he wore makeup and at times dressed lady like added to the fascination.
My only regret was I never saw Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders from Mars live although the that was my first album I bought,back in 1972.
I did travel to Edinburgh in 83 to the Serious Moonlight tour,held at Murrayfield Stadiumn.
My memories of Bowie on that day were blonde hair and blue suit,he sang some of his classics like Star, Heroes, Golden Years, Life on Mars, Rebel Rebel, Cracked Actor, Space Oddity and Jean Genies.
I remember going with the school to Innsbruck in Austria skiing and getting snowed in one night,our only source of entertainment was a duke box.That is when I discovered the b side of Space Oddity which was a song called Velvet Goldmine, I must have wore the record thin the amount of times a played it.
I had every Bowie vinyl album when I moved to join Middlesbrough as a player,I left them all at my parents house and many years later I discovered that my parents had given them away.If I’m being honest they would have been scratched and abused due to the amount of times I played them and left them out of their covers,on the turntable collecting dust.
We all know that irrespective of fame and fortune our destiny is the same, but I have always believed that icons like David Bowie should live forever.
His music certainly will.

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