Get a peek of Bum and Book in Debenhams.

My new book November Spawned a Monster will be launched on the 29th October 2015 from Debenhams in the Hillstreet shopping centre Middlesbrough.

In my latest publication I talk about my own trials and tribulations in general,my truculent behaviour towards my former managers, also my inner struggles with life in general and my confrontations with so-called influential people.Its a warts and all account of my last 30 years on Teesside.

As Middlesbrough take on Manchester United at Old Trafford in the league cup the night before the launch I’m willing to repeat showing off my rear in Debenhams window ahead of the book signing.I have had confirmation today from Debenhams that the dirty deed can take place providing we can get the required result.

Let’s hope they have a window big enough. UTB

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