Lets turn The Riverside into a Fortress.

Fourteen games into the Championship campaign and we are sitting pretty in fifth position,two points off the leaders.I have always believed that twelve or fourteen games into a season, gives you a rough idea as to which direction you are heading, thankfully it is the right one.

Our away form up untill the Wolves game has been terrific, as a unit we are solid, competitive and creative and our set in stone formation works a treat, our counter attack play has also been very impressive on our travels. At home however we continue to huff and puff and at times flatter to deceive. Eleven points out of twenty-one at the Riverside doesn’t make good reading but there is still a long way to go, if we are going to make it back into the promised land (Premier League), it is something that we have to sort out and address.The onus is on us to break the opposition down.To be fair we have scored twelve goals at the Riverside, including four against a poor Brentford outfit.

I have always believed in the saying fortune favours the brave and at home at times, I don’t think we are brave or adventurous enough,we are cautious and hesitant and the formation suits our opposition as much as ourselves.

Lets get this straight I am a fan of Karanka. The people I know within the club rave about his training methods and his overall demeanour . I was in his company for an hour at the start of the season and he came across as bright, intelligent and honest, laced with a bit of charm, I personally like all his traits.

After the Wolves game recently he said publicly that he had got it wrong, referring to the line up, but he did not actually say who or what was wrong.In my humble opinion Tomlin should have definitely started against Wolves, after all he did score his only Championship goal three days earlier against Brighton and yet found himself on the bench. He could have had a slight strain or injury unknown to us, but if he did not, why was he left out?

Scoring a goal gives you a massive personal boost, ignites the fire within and instills a confidence, I can only talk from experience. I can honestly say I can’t recall been left out after I scored a goal, whether we won, drew or lost the game.I have always believed you should be rewarded when you have scored a goal.

On the subject of strikers, despite having Tomlin, Kike, Vossen and Bamford we still lack a fox in the box type striker, a Jonny on the spot, a sniffer, call it what you like.

Against Watford on Saturday the amount of quality balls that went into our opponents box and were not finished off was criminal. I have witnessed that several times at the Riverside this season.

Karanka continues to chop, change and rotate the squad system, I am personally not a fan of this from the outside and certainly would not like it if I was in  the squad, but that is only my opinion. Karankas opinion is the one that counts as he is the manager and up until now, in the main he has got it right, we must congratulate him along with the team for their efforts. Hopefully we can turn the Riverside into a fortress and if we can achieve that we could be looking at a top two finish.

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