Great to be back.

Over the years there have been a number of former players hosting the hospitality lounges at The Riverside and for whatever reason I had always been over looked, rightly or wrongly.

Some put it down to my strong and forthright opinions, my character, some accused me of being over critical.For years the rumours have been flying around that I had been banned from the Stadium, that was purely fabricated and utter nonsense.

Recently I received a call from the football club asking if I could go in and have a chat with them.
On the way there I was thinking surely they are not going to ask me to play? Im 53 years of age have a bad back and dodgy knees.
Thankfully it was nothing to do with the footballing side. It was an offer to host one of the lounges. I was half expecting to be told you can’t say this and you can’t do that, but I can honestly say all that I was asked was to be myself.

I am honoured, privileged and pleasantly surprised to get the opportunity.
I think that it’s ironic that the Legends Lounge,where I will be present every match day, is where I had my last public appearance and picture with my late great father. I’m sure he will be looking down and smiling at my appointment.

Over the course of the season, I’m hoping to entertain, give opinions on performances and have a bit of fun. I will also have a guest every week. My first guest for the opening game against Birmingham will be former Middlesbrough and Manchester United centre half Gary Pallister.
People have been on the social media saying I will last a week, what’s your money on?

If anyone would like to book a table on match day, ask a direct question or give me some verbal abuse, feel free.

You can buy seasonal places or match by match, which is £99 and includes a 3 course meal, match ticket and a free bar.
Please call 08444991234 to book.

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