Three Legends full time.

The Three Legends have called full time on the show.
After 14 years of being one of the biggest shows on North East radio, we’d like to thank everyone who has listened, taken part and made the show the success that it’s been.
Sadly a lot of local radio is struggling to get sponsorship and we don’t have a marketing team to chase it.
It’s no secret that we’ve been swimming against the tide for the last few years looking tirelessly at ways of trying to make it work – the audience is there but the advertising isn’t.
The truth is that we haven’t been paid for months, we’ve been doing it for the love of the show and we’re all gutted it has come to this.
We’ve agonised over it for some time but we feel now is the time to call it a day.
The bigger stations would rather have cheap bland wall-to-wall music than locally-produced topical talk shows and smaller stations can’t get the advertising.
We have a loyal audience who have stuck with us all the way, a lot of regular callers, real characters who have made us the success we have become so we’d personally like to thank you because without you, there would be no show.
We’re proud of what we have done over the years. At our peak we had a huge regional evening audience that was never beaten.
We will however be on the road over the coming months and are hoping to do a final farewell show.
We’ve already been to Blyth and Newton Aycliffe and we are at the Riverside soon so watch this space.
Bernie Does Boro will be going until the end of the season and hopefully into the next.

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