Stubbornness could be costly.

Our ridged set in stone formation of 4-5-1 is becoming a chore, a bore and farcical.
Our team like our formation has become predictable.
Boro have only won one game in twelve and have just gone through the longest goal drought in the clubs history.So you can’t say results justify sticking by Plan A, for me it’s time Karanka looked at a Plan B, in fact he should have done this weeks ago.

From the outside looking in the manager is becoming a mule like figure, (stubborn).
Poor Danny Graham must have thought dropping into the Championship would have reignited his flagging career but if anything his career has gone backwards. He is isolated for long periods, service into him is sporadical, he looks heavy legged and way short of confidence.
The uneducated would point to Graham as the villain for me it’s Karanka who has to take responsibility.
With eight games remaining there are no benefits, in continuing with this formation.
Why not go with two up top? Why not lose one of the defensive midfielders? Why not get more bodies into the box more often? What is there to lose?
I could totally understand the logic sticking by the strict formation, if it was to drill it into the players for next season, but we keep being told expect massive change in the summer. Half of these players, now being drilled in this shape and this philosophy are odds on to not be here next year.
We have loanees going back,a few out of contract, a couple the manager doesn’t fancy, it could be all change again this summer if the manager gets his way.
If that happens he will have to start from scratch all over again and drill the new arrivals.

Going back to our stubborn, non flexible team/shape, Karanka has no previous managerial proof, or history that his philosophy works. That is another reason why he should be experimenting in my opinion.

With Boro’s season cards up for grabs, we are looking to rope in new fans for next season and to hold on to our regulars, playing the remaining eight games, with fear, caution and stubbornness, could be costly.

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