Karanka cannot afford to hold grudges.

The biggest surprise for me on Saturday down at Sheffield wasn’t us not scoring a goal we have become hardened and accustomed to that,it was that Mustaph Carayol failed to make the squad.
It has been well documented about his spat with Karanka and by all accounts it was down to his bad attitude. There has been a whole load of rumours flying around Teesside over the last few weeks. I am not claiming to know all the ins and outs but I think we can safely say that the pair had words.Last week the manager went on record as saying that he left Carayol out of the squad because of it. Obviously the feud continues.
Believe me if that was the norm in my day I would have never have got a game. As a player I had strong opinions, voiced them regularly and had ding dongs with every manager I played under during my eight year stint.I was marched into the office many many times by Rioch, Todd and Lawrence. I have fallen out with all the bosses but they all still played me barring one.
Football is a game of strong characters, opinions and big personalities, it is inevitable that you get disagreements and that people will clash, don’t forget the dressing room is full of testosterone.
For me it comes down to man management surely you don’t drop a player because of a bad attitude.Bad form yes but not bad attitude.Every player has different makeup some are mouthy, confrontational. It is down to the manager to channel that,get them to perform on a regular basis.
As a manager you can’t cut your nose off to spite your face.
Looking back at my own career working under Lennie Lawrence things became personal and from the outside looking in that is what it’s looking like regarding Carayol. Leaving him out the squad hurts the team, the fans and takes away a huge part of our attacking flair.
I am all for discipline, if I was in charge I would be a strict disciplinarian but there are other ways of stamping down your authority as manager.
Bruce Riochs favourite was to fine you a percentage of your wages.
The other surprise is that our top scorer and arguably player of the season Albert Adomah, has been on the bench recently and was replaced on Saturday. I keep hearing that he is on the bench because he is injured, I don’t believe this for a minute.
Whatever the problems are with Carayol and Adomah, Karanka must sort it otherwise he could lose the dressing room.

I went along last night to The Carling Cup 10th anniversary dinner, it was organised by the Former Players Association. There were some great stories told by Mclaren, Queudrue, Boateng and Co.

Our next opponents on Saturday are Ipswich Town, I have come to the conclusion that if we don’t score we should demolish the Riverside and turn it into a Tesco. As far as I am concerned Carayol should be on the left, Adomah on the right and Graham and Tomlin should be up front.
The chant from the fans should be “ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK. “

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