Danny double could have easily been a treble.

Finally our goal famine is over after a 138 year club record wait of 12 hours 13 minutes for a strike.Danny Graham who has been going though his own personal drought/famine of 1 goal in his previous 42 games grabbed both goals.
On the day we deserved a victory, we created several chances and Carayol who had been isolated in recent weeks returned and put in a very good performance. He was a constant threat with his pace and trickery and assisted with both goals.
George Friend after a ropey 10-15 minutes went on to have an outstanding game.
Loanees Omeruo and Chalobah oozed class and debutant Lee Tomlin gave Graham the support he has been lacking in previous games. He showed flashes of flair and skill, was direct and wasn’t afraid to take on opponents.
The biggest disappointment for me on Saturday as Boro fan and ex striker was that Danny Graham was taken off and wasn’t given the opportunity to score his hat trick.
This was a trait I had witnessed on several occasions under Steve McClarens management, it is one that I am totally against and it infuriates me.
Back then the logic behind taking a player off who had scored 2 goals, was that they didn’t want one player stealing the limelight or the headlines, it was a team game, it was about we not I, there was no I in team.No Doubt psychologist Bill Beswick played a part in that.
Talking from personal experience, scoring a hat trick is a unique occasion and its every strikers dream to take home the match ball. There is no better feeling in the game than to grab a treble especially if your team wins.
In my career with Middlesbrough I was fortunate to score 7 hat tricks and none of the managers I played under took me off when I had scored 2. I don’t believe any of them considered it. In fact If any of them would have attempted to drag me off they would have had to come on the pitch to get me.
Both Middlesbrough and Danny Graham’s confidence was at an all time low after the barren spell and here we had a chance to boost Danny’s confidence tenfold but we rewarded him by taking him off.Some people could point to the fact that we have got a game on Tuesday against Nottingham Forest, but I don’t buy into that. It’s not as if we are chasing promotion.
No disrespect to McClaren or Karanka but I think that it is highly unlikely that either of them have ever scored 3 goals in a professional game and Bill Beswick certainly wouldn’t have ever scored a hat trick.
They can only imagine what it feels like and what it means to the individual, what it does to their mental state. Their reasons and answers will come out of a book.
If I was a manager there is no way on this earth I would take one of my players off who had scored 2 goals.
We seem to be contradicting ourselves when players are firing blanks and are out of form, we leave them on and when they are scoring we take them off.
I am sure the fans that attended the Riverside on Saturday and who have suffered through the drought with the team, would have loved to have boasted about a hat trick hero.
I am sure Danny himself would have loved the accolade, but it wasn’t to be.
Maybe if he scores 2 against Forest,we might keep him on ( unlikely ).

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