Welcome Aitor Karanka.

I would like to wish newly appointed Middlesbrough manager Aitor Karanka all the best during his stint on Teesside.
Out of all the names that had been mentioned and branded about since Tony Mowbrays departure only Martin Oneill appealed to me and stood out.
But I have to say in a perverse kind of way I’m excited by the newly appointment.
It is something totally against the grain for our club, the first foreign manager we have employed.

Of course this is not the first time we have employed a rookie manager.
Bryan Robson took over the reigns and produced some of the finest football witnessed on Teesside and he attracted some of the biggest names, Steve Mclaren won our first major trophy in the clubs history and Gareth Southgate was thrown in at the deep end with no managerial experience or qualifications this did not really go to plan. Karanka hasn’t got the quality of player at his disposal that these previous managers had and he certainly won’t have the funding that these managers had.

When you analyse Karanka, apart form his impressive playing career,working under the self proclaimed ‘Special One’ Jose Mourinho for 3 years hopefully some of this magic has rubbed off on him. Lets hope he has some strong connections within the game and can attract some quality to our team.

What we as fans have to do is give him time, our fortunes are not going to turn overnight.

I listened to several questions from the press conference with Karanka today,

Q. How does it feel to be at Middlesbrough today?

A. Very important day for me, it’s my first job,I have found a club like a family, big facilities, big stadium and big supporters.Important day for me.

Q. Is being a manager something you have been longing for?

A. Yes, I think it’s my time, I have been 3 years with Jose Mourinho and I think he has supported me every day. I am ready to start.

Q. What have you learnt from Mourinho?

A. I learn everything off Mourinho, on the pitch, off the pitch, he is the one.

Q. Did you seek his advice?

A. Yes he is the person who has supported me for months and he recommended me to come here and believes in this project, like me.

Q. You were the favourite to take over at Crystal Palace. How close were you from taking over at Palace?

At that moment, Chairman Steve Gibson intervened and said’ We won’t go down that route’ he then turned to Chief Executive Neil Bausor and asked him to give a formal welcome to everyone.

For me yet again this indicated a controlled environment regarding the questions that could be asked, surely this was a valid question, especially as he was reported to be joining Palace yesterday.

If I had attended the press conference, my first question would have been;
What has attracted you to Middlesbrough?
What kind of budget have you been given for the January window?
What is the realistic target for us to finish in the the Championship this season?
A director of football is odds on to be announced,who will pick him you or the guys above?

Possibly one or two of these have been asked as yet we don’t know the answers.

What questions would you like to ask.

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