Stats will get Mogga the sack, not opinions.

Going into last nights game, manager Tony Mowbray made it quite clear that we had to win the next 4 games, starting with last nights game against Huddersfield.
Once again he stuck with the same formation as in the previous 5 games at The Riverside and yet again it was a let down.
The opening 35 minutes were woeful but on the night it wasn’t about the performance it was about gaining all 3 points, yet again we let ourselves down.
Thats now 5 league games played at The Riverside,1 defeat,4 draws and 11 points down the swanny, thats not including our Capital One exit against Accrington Stanley.
There is no doubting, with this dreadful run since the turn of the year and the worst statistics in all 4 divisions, that my old team mate is under severe pressure.
Sometimes you cannot defend the indefensible, it’s not my opinion or your opinion that will get Mogga the sack, it will be the stats.

On the subject of statistics, last night was an all time low for attendance at The Riverside, 12,793, I personally think that there was more in the region of about 8,000 at the game.
Chairman Steve Gibson no doubt has a loaded gun in his hand and he has a habit of pulling the trigger in the month of October, both Southgate and Strachan can vouch for that.
But getting rid of the manager, like the majority of people seem to be suggesting, may not be the solution. We will still have the same players and the same financially cash strapped Chairman.
For me the problems that we find ourselves in have all stemmed from the top,the manager of course is the easy target and the one who will carry the can.
Look I am not defending Mogga here, the team he picked at QPR, with Leadbitter out on the left, was an absolute farce. Playing 1 up front at home totally frustrates me,he continues to tinker with the team too much and the run we are on is totally unacceptable.
But there is no denying,he has been let down by the hierarchy.When it comes to bringing in quality, as the saying goes you can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear.
Some people are saying that the team don’t look motivated and they aren’t playing for the manager, I totally disagree with that.
I personally think that we have a team of honest lads, who are giving it their best shot.

Yeovil come to Teesside on Saturday sitting 22nd in the division, I honestly and genuinely hope that Mogga can turn it round, he is a terrific human being who has principals, morals and integrity.
I have not come across many people,if any in the game with those values.
As it stands at this minute, it’s not about my friendship or respect, it’s about my professional opinion for Mogga the manager.
It is simple, Mogga has to start winning games of football on a regular basis otherwise he will become another managerial casualty in Steve Gibson’s empire.

Condolences to Frankie Bam Bam’s family during this difficult period. Sadly Frankie passed away, I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting Frankie on many, many occasions. He was an absolute Boro fanatic, who traveled the country for years watching his beloved home town club.he was a character who will be sadly missed. God rest him.

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