Mogga was always going to be the easy target.

For 2 years Tony Mowbray asset stripped to keep the club afloat under orders from Steve Gibson to sell anything of value, of course chairman Steve Gibson is reportedly ploughing money in at the rate of £1million a month of his own cash.
But lets not mess about here, Mogga was cleaning up the financial mess left by the Chairman, Chief Executive, accountants and previous managers at our football club.

People were forever saying Tony Mowbray knew what he was letting himself in for.

I have heard from good sources after his first year in charge that the goalposts had moved and behind the scenes it was a bigger mess than Mowbray had anticipated or was told about.

I did an article in the Evening Gazette, in my weekly column back in November 2010. The headline read “Bernies Boro Bombshell, Legend calls for new blood, new cash and new ideas at the top.”
I mentioned about going backwards since Eindhoven out on the pitch and have stagnated since Eindhoven. I went on to say we need someone to come in with a bit of cash, but also with a whole new mindset and new ideas and a new direction to stop the rot and turn the club around.As Gibson and Lamb looked to comfy in their bullet proof roles.

Since the article appeared almost 3 years on very little has changed. Yes Keith Lamb has gone , but he continues to be present in the directors box. New Chief Executive Neil Bauser has come in and Chief Executive Peter Kenyon has been in tow for quite a while of course Chairman Steve Gibson remains at the top.Despite the new faces I have seen no progress in our fortunes what so ever.
There is no doubt that the quartet named above , who I have nicknamed the Henchmen have been sharping the axe for quite some time.

Our chairman, king of Teesside, saviour, call him what you like was forever over the years talking freely about our gaols,our aspirations and ambitions.Back in 2006, he was quoted as saying “our target will be to be in Europe more often than not, win the occasional cup and be in top 10 of the premiership.” In 2009 he made the statement keep the blind faith.

The last time Steve Gibson did any media interviews was October 18th 2010, he went on the clubs nominated station to do a phone in, he only lasted 5 mins it was the day Gordon Strachan departed, that was his get out clause. He did promise to return in the near future.
Three years on his silence is deafening. I have lost count of the amount of local and national media reporters who have tried in vain to get an interview with him.

So why has our chairman turned into Silent Steve?

The one thing about Tony Mowbray, he never once shirked an interview and was always accessible and approachable right to the bitter end he continued to face the media while the rest of the club maintained a wall of silence.
Mogga in my opinion has been made a scapegoat for a wider problems at the club
I will reiterate again changing one position will not bring the club back to life.

While our clubs attendances continue to dwindle, the PR continues to be awful.People at our football club have to start promoting the club via a wider scale rather than cherry picking radio stations or hand picking reporters as this does not get the word out there.
People like myself are fed up getting drip fed, flannel, bullshit and propaganda. I suggested a couple of years back that people who are involved with the club, including the hierarchy, should get up off their backsides and go round the pubs and clubs, promoting the club, and try to rope the missing thousands back.
Nial Quinn Sunderlands former chairman did this and that was when he had an attendance of 40,000 at the Stadiumn of Light.If it was good enough for him, surely it’s good enough for us, we need to react now.
The longer the fans are missing the more difficult it will be to get them back.

Going back onto Tony Mowbray, it’s always the same in football, the manager unfortunately carries the can, they are the one that gets isolated from the men in suits when things go wrong, they get hung out to dry.
It was inevitable that Mogga’s reign was going to end in tears, what certain quarters are missing is the guys at the top call the majority of the shots, they always have done and always will do and when things go wrong they bury their heads in the sand and leave the manager isolated.
Now that the pressure has been relieved from Mogga, it is directed at Chairman Steve Gibson. The difference is if he fails to get it right, he keeps his job.
At the minute it is quite clear that the club needs an investor to pump in more money, we all know this has been the scenario for several years now, this new investment looks very unlikely as we are a unattractive club.
If Steve Gibson could find a way out without hurting the club I honestly believe he would.
The question must be asked, how long can he keep on ploughing his own money in to keep us afloat.
If you hypothetically asked me the question would I welcome a investor to take total control?Providing they promised to pump millions into the club and the team, to get us back to where we belong, of course I would.
After all there is no sentiment in business, the team is more important than any individual. I personally don’t give a damn who is at the helm, as long as they are delivering the goods on and off the park.
Since 2006 we have been fighting against the tide and continue to do so as things are today we are going below the water line.
Over the years people have accused me of being overly negative, let me remind you negative comments, don’t get your team relegated or knocked out the cup competitions in the first round,its negative decisions from the top that cost a football club.
I have personally found it farcical and sickening that since the manager has departed, the Chairman and Chief Executive have signed central defender Ayala on a 3 month loan and are looking to bring in one or two more faces.
Would it have not been more logical to crack on with what we have and employ the new manager as soon as possible then let him bring in his own targets.
Its quite clear that the top brass at our football club are delving into team affairs, this has confirmed what I have always believed.Get your money on Mclaren didn’t bring Juninho back, Southgate never signed Alves and Mogga didn’t sign Woodgate. This might be part of the modern set up but it’s not working.
At Middlesbrough surely the manager should be in total control of team affairs.

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  1. PeterSwallow says:

    Boro had a top 3 wage bill every year mogga was here except this season where its only top 6.

    Mowbray spent around £1M each on 3 players, the majority of the championship would kill for that.

    You compare us to prem clubs we havent been one for 5 years.

    Only 1 or 2 champ clubs a season spend multi millions and it never lasts more than one window.

    Mogga was backed. And if the new manager gets 1m in jan he too will have been backed.

    Support someone like west ham if you want 5m spent on one player

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