Mogga out?

Saturdays disastrous result against bottom of the Championship outfit Barnsley,summed Middlesbroughs season up.
Since the turn of the year, our results, inconsistency and points tally have been embarrassing, to be 3-0 down against a team who are odds on to be relegated is simply unacceptable.
At the end of the 90 mins the whole team should have had tomatoes thrown at them and I am talking about the tinned variety.
Boro has been part of my life for over 28 years as a player and a fan and I am aware that our travelling fans are amongst the most loyal, committed and vocal around.
It is believed that possibly half of the 2,000 supporters where chanting,”Your getting sacked in the morning,” in the direction of Tony Mowbray. That about sums up our position as to where we are as a club.
I have always believed that the working man/ fan, that pays hard earned cash to watch their beloved team has a right to moan, groan and demonstrate when they are not getting value for money. I found it very disturbing and sad to hear our own supporters chanting at an individual, who the club owes so much to over the years, for his loyalty, bravery and leadership, not forgetting his asset stripping and accountancy work to keep our club afloat.
Look I totally understand fans frustrations and concerns, I along with my team were on the receiving end of flack, the majority of it justified.The one game that I thought the Boro fans were totally out of order was back in 1989, when we faced Liverpool at Ayresome park.The game was broadcast live from Scandiavia, after going 4-0 down that day the Holgate End, who I had adored ever since my arrival in Teesside, started singing you’ll never walk alone, well a section of them did.Then a boat load of scarves were hurled onto the turf. As a player at the time, I couldn’t believe what I was listening to or witnessing.
I was embarrassed with the chanting on that day and just as embarrassed with the chants directed at our manager on Saturday.
We all know there is no sentiment in business, Tony Mowbray continues to play the same formation,continues to struggle to find a winning formular,continues to be at the bottom half of the table and the team now has his DNA in it,so the excuses are wearing thin.
Going back to our supporters, of course they have a right to boo both the manager and the players, they deserve it. But chanting you’ll get sacked in the morning to one of your own, a true Middlesbrough legend, is sarcastic, cutting and uncalled for in my opinion.
I wouldn’t be surprise if Tony Mowbray gets sacked before Fridays home game against Doncaster. We all know it’s a results business and we are simply not delivering.
But a word of caution for those that were chanting in the direction of the manager.
If Mogga departs,we continue with the same players, the same financial restraints, dwindling attendances and the same Chairman.
Changing one position will not bring the club back to life.

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