Spine of the team must change at The Riverside.

Since the start of the season,our home results have been a big let down.
I am fed up hearing oh we played well, oh we had a boat load of chances, oh we were unlucky.

Ahead of Saturdays game against Bournemouth, I said I didn’t want any more excuses,we have to start winning games of football.
Once again our home trend continued and our defensive frailties were exposed, two definite penalties and an own goal summed up Saturdays performance.

We are now 8 games in, with 14 goals conceded, 9 of them happening at our home ground,that must be alarming for Mogga and the coaching staff, it certainly is for us supporters.
When I look along the back line, it is littered with experienced campaigners, Williams the Australian international, Woodgate who has played at the highest level for the majority of his career and Richardson who has been round the block and played for a number of clubs aged 30.

I personally don’t think that the Woodgate and Williams central partnership works, they are too similar,there is no doubting their footballing ability, both are elegant and stylish, but for me they don’t complement each other, neither of them are leaders, vocally they are non existent and neither of them are a rugged,no nonsense centre half’s.

When I was part of the 86 team Tony Mowbray and Gary Pallister were the perfect duo they worked in tandem and complemented each other. Mogga had the grit, braun, put his head in where it hurts, Pally on the other hand was elegant, stylish, could play and he had pace.
Failing to bring in a centre back was yet another gamble and now we are under pressure to get one, due to our poor defensive displays, league position (16), and Williams suspension.
Of courses Mogga could continue to neglect the loan market, he could put in Richardson alongside Woodgate, he could call on injury prone Hines, who has not featured this season, or he could play the inexperienced Ben Gibson, who has played a poultry two games.
Over the course of the season, we need a permanent solution not a short term fix.
Its now 5 games played at The Riverside, including the league cup exit, against minos Accrington Stanley, with not a solitary win.
I have read quotes from within, that we are playing well and it will eventually turn, let’s hope that’s the case. For me playing well but not winning is a problem, playing poor and winning is a gift. Top sides when they play well will win, and when they play poor, they continue to grid it out and win.
For me the spine of the team at home is one of the reasons we continue to struggle.
Earlier I mentioned the centre backs, in front of them we continue to play 3 central midfielders Leadbitter, Whitehead, Varga/Butterfield. I personally would like to see Butterfield start and play along side one of these three and play two in midfield.
Like our rearguard Whithead and Leadbitter don’t compliment each other and are too similar.
Varga, from what I have seen is a fairly negative,non productive midfield player, how many do we need?
Away from home they have proved they can do a job but at home there is no suggestion that they will succeed.
Looking up front Kamara has arrived and has been a breath of fresh air, he has scored two in two games, leads the line well, looks by convincing in the air and plays with a smile on his face, he could prove to be a good addition.
For me we have to play two up top, especially at home, lets take the Kevin Keegan approach if the opposition score 4 we are going to score 5.
So the question is who can form a partnership with our new signing, Jutkiewicz, Emnes or neither,do we have to purchase another striker?

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