Is Mogga in the Dark?

I am lead to believe that Boro boss Tony Mowbray is frustrated and admits he does not know whether Middlesbrough are any closer to making additions to the squad that he feels are required.
Reading between the lines he is in the dark as much as the fans, to be brutally honest his comments don’t exactly fill me with confidence.

On Friday all the talk was about reports saying Boro made a £1 million bid for Bristol City winger Albert Adomah I asked the question via the social network sites, do you believe it? Personally I thought it was a valid question, especially after our alleged attempt at signing Danny Graham.I don’t believe for a minute that we had a chance of signing Danny.

Adomah has not moved as yet but by all accounts Wigan Athletic are back in for the transfer listed winger and there is still a very slim possibility that he could join us. But in my heart of hearts I don’t believe he will,let’s hope I’m totally wrong, if he did that would be a genuine statement of intent from the football club that they are backing Mogga and mean business.

If you cast your mind back to January we had an opportunity to sign two or three decent additions, to boost morale and confidence in a team that had been in the top six through the first half of the season and to boost our promotion hopes

What did the cat drag in Kerion Dyer a injury prone over the hill player.That was not a statement of intent, that was an insult.

What I witnessed on Saturday at the Leicester City game was a decent first half performance.We looked compact, kept possession well, grabbed the opening goal. In the last third not much had changed we looked powderpuff Emnes and Jutkiewicz looked pedestrian at times, didn’t work as a partnership they played as individuals, vocally they don’t seam to communicate and I can’t recall either making the Leicester keeper work.

I dont know what we put in the half time tea but whatever it was it certainly didn’t stimulate the players.The Foxes as expected came out all guns blazing no doubt after a half time rollicking and grabbed two terrific goals via Drinkwater and Vardy.

When we went 2-1 down I,no doubt like the players looked at the bench for inspiration, someone who could come on and change things, get us back into it. But I’m afraid not having a striker on the bench for the opening game of the season was a disgrace and asking for trouble.

With the season now underway, it’s alarming that only three players have been signed and they are all defensive minded players at that.Obviously it’s easier to let players go than it is to bring them in and it is easier to sign defensive players than it is to sign attacking players, especially with very little money at your disposal. One thing that is certain if we don’t sign a right winger, centre forward and one or two others, we are in for a long winter.

If I was Mogga I would be knocking on the Chairman and Chief Executives door on a daily basis and asking what the bloody hell is going on.

Mogga continues to do the dirty work of others, getting players out (eleven in total). But when it comes to getting them in he is quite clearly in limbo and in the dark going by his comments.

I would suggest to the reporters rather than ask Mogga about incomings, they should go and see the Chief Executive, he goes by the name of Neil Bausor and if he doesn’t know the answers then we are in trouble.

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