Fortune favours the brave.

Finally the away day hoodoo was put to bed at Charlton on Saturday.

The law of averages told us that it would eventually come, but when and where was always a concern. It was great to see Middlesbrough play with two natural flankers its been a long, long time in coming. In fact you have to cast your mind back to when I played with the likes of Comfort and Ripley, Wright and Hendrie.

Playing with natural width instantly gives the team a better shape, balance and feel good factor. It also instills a confidence into the strike force, that there will be more goal scoring opportunities and ammunition coming their way.

No real surprise that Emnes found himself on the bench at the Valley. Analysing his opening two games he has looked lethargic and uninterested, similar to the majority of last season.
The way Mogga lined up gave the team a solid compact frame, especially with the highly competitive trio of Varga, Whitehead and Leadbitter in the centre of midfield, closing down, harassing and snapping at opponents heals.
Away from home this could be the answer to our frailties, deficiencies and poor record.
When playing at the Riverside I would like to think that one of the trio would be sacrificed for an incoming striker.

At home the onus is on us to go at the opposition and be more adventurous, we have to start stamping our authority on our home turf from the off and turn the Riverside into a fortress.

Last season we were hesitant, cautious and predictable that has to change. I have always believed that if you go out with a negative approach and mentality, the outcome is usually a negative result.
I totally agree with the phrase ‘fortune favours the brave.’

After Saturdays terrific result Tony Mowbray can breathe a sigh of relief. He has been quoted as saying he has two or three bids in and hopefully one or two will come to fruition, two of them are strikers. Lets hope he succeeds, we desperately need them.

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