Boros frailties exposed yet again.

Back in May 2013 Boro manager Tony Mowbray was quoted as saying, he wanted a free scoring hero for fans to worship and he went on to say he had identified the capture of a prolific striker as his number one summer target, well the summer has almost gone and after last night shock exit against minos Accrington Stanley, its plain and simple if we don’t get a prolific scorer in sharpish, the team will continue to struggle and Mogga will be out of a job.

Emnes and Jutkiewicz who have played in the opening two competitive games look a long,long way from forming a partnership, they don’t work or hunt as a pair, their anticipation is poor, there doesnt seem to be a lot of communication between them, they just seem to play as individuals.

Looking at the team as a whole there are no vocal leaders. When things aren’t going well or someone plays a bad ball. I don’t see anyone giving their team mates an ear bashing or a rollicking. There seems an acceptance that if someone makes a mistake, plays a bad ball or misses a chance, they just seem to shrug their shoulders and get on with it. Well as far as im concerned communication is a major part of the game, shouting pointing the finger, clenching fists at your team mates is healthy.

There was a prime example against Accrington last night, when Jutiewicz received the ball, just over the half way line on the right hand side. He carried the ball 30/40 yards and should have realised  it earlier, he failed to do so and when he eventually decided to cross it was a poor one. Emnes and co who had bust a gut to get into the box just shrugged their shoulders and jogged back into position.

Cast your mind back to Fabrizo Ravanelli, I know we are going from one extreme to the other, but if his team mates didn’t get the ball in early, or the delivery into the box was poor he would soon let them know. I witnessed him going head to head on a regular basis with team-mate Mikkel Beck because of bad decision-making or poor delivery.

The communication factor is clearly lacking throughout our team and squad and has been for quite sometime.

Going back to last night, getting knocked out the competition in the opening round by Accrington could be the biggest wake up call for our football club as a whole. If we do not start investing and bringing in quality, the unthinkable could happen and we could drop another division.

Well done to the football club, for signing Bristol City winger Albert Adomah, I personally think its a good signing we have not had a right winger under McClaren, Southgate, or Strachans reign, so a natural right winger is long over due.Our number one priority now is a free scoring striker which the manager craves. Speculation continues to surround Leeds United striker Ross McCormack, is he the answer?

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