Boro fans now have an alternative.

Since losing the Boro commentary and hourly phone in back in 2007.

It always has been an ambition of mine to return, I have missed the buzz, passion and risen temperatures of the after match phone in.
As far as commentaries go I unfortunately have no control of this whatsoever, that is strictly between club and station.The nominated radio im afraid comes down to money, personalities and politics.

Over the years Boro fans have always had a choice between BBC and commercial stations.
Up until now the fans didn’t have a option,they have been ushered into a corner and told listen to this station or don’t listen at all.

Now thanks to Star Radio,I have an opportunity to host my own 90 minute phone in ‘BERNIE DOES THE BORO’ after every game focussing only on Middlesbrough FC.

So now you the fan have a choice and an option of venting your spleen on a show that’s straight talking,with no propaganda and your after match views can be aired along with my own.

The first show goes on air this Saturday 3rd August after Middlesbrough play their first home game against Leicester.

Make sure you give me a call on 01325 341800, between 5-6.30 pm on Saturday, to be part of this new football phone in.

Tune in via STAR RADIO on 102.8 fm or download the STAR RADIO APP for your smart phone, to listen on the way back from the game.

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