Are loan players the way to success?

With the window now closed, it is no surprise that we didn’t bring in a new face but it was more of a surprise that only one went. If I am honest I thought it was a certainty that Emnes would join him.

As we know football is a business, as a Boro fan over the recent years we acknowledge that we as a club have struggled financially and except that every player has a price tag. But as a Boro fan that doesn’t make the departure of Joe Bennett any easier to accept.Not for myself anyway

I have asked the question to Boro fans via the Radio, Twitter Facebook etc,

Should we have kept Joe Bennett?

98% agreed with the sale.  Alex Templeton tweeted – Joe’s a decent player but a poor defender. Adam tweeted – good money for a left back who would be sat on the bench otherwise. Andy – I know you need to drum up a debate, but jesus can you ever be optimistic. John –  I will give him a piggy back to Villa hes average.

Those fans who have sanctioned Bennetts move, I would have to question their mentality. Now that Bennets gone, we are left with one left back in George Friend, who I witnessed against Crystal Palace at the Riverside, for me he was man of the match, an all round good defender, composed when in possession, a good distributor, drove forward at every opportunity. If Friend gets injured then what?

People have suggested Arca, for me Arca has been very average for a couple of seasons. I am aware he has played left back, in my opinion he can’t defend or get forward. People have said Justin Hoyte, Hoyte is and average right back let alone putting him out of position, Hallidays had a mention, what has he done since arriving to justify being in contention to play left back.

Our fans have become more like accountants and chief executives. Every time a player has been sold over the years, whether it be Downing, Johnson, Luke Young, Wheater, whoever, “oh that’s good money we couldn’t refuse that.” As a fan you want to keep the best players and if you are forced to sell you want some of  the money reinvested. Since Tony Mowbray’s  arrival back in 2010 he has spent very little in the transfer market, with the exception of Lucas Jutiewicz who was £1 million.

Now that the window is closed, the manager like the fans has turned to the loan transfer option.

I would like the people reading this article to tell me how many of the following loan players have been a success under Gordon Strachan and Mogga.

Kyle Naughton – Spurs,Sean St Ledger – Preston, Caleb Folan -Hull city, Marcus Bent – Birmingham, Isiah Osbourne – Aston Villa, Dave Kitson – Stoke city, Matthew Kilgallon – Sunderland, Mickael Tavares – Hamburger SV, Andrew Davies – Stoke City, Paul Smith – Nottingham Forest, Carl Ikeme – Wolves, Alex Nimley – Man City, Adam Hammill – Wolves. At the minute we have brought in Josh McEachran – Chelsea, Ishmael Miller – Notts Forest.

In my opinion you are lucky if two of the above have been a success.

Saturdays result against Millwall was disappointing,  by all accounts we kept the ball for long periods, but in the last third we let ourselves down. I have went on record many times as saying we need a fox in the box type centre forward, a Johnny on the spot, a tap in merchant and as it stands today despite having six strikers at the club we don’t have one, there is no doubt these types of centre forwards are hard to come by and would cost an absolute fortune. We can only hope and pray that in the future our very successful and productive academy can churn one out.

On the subject of strikers Scott McDonald has been left out in the cold since the season kicked off. I have spoken to him recently and there is no doubt, that he is hurting at being excluded from the squad. I can sympathise with him as I was frozen out of the first team myself at Middlesbrough under Lennie Lawrence and its not pleasant. I was an experienced player who scored over a hundred goals and all of a sudden, I was training at Wilton with my boot boy and on my own at Stewart Park. There seems to be an anti Scott McDonald faction among some fans and a get rid mentality because he is one of the high earners at the club.

That’s not his fault. Blame Gordon Strachan the chairman and the old chief executive for giving him his contract.

What was Scott Macdonald supposed to say? ” Give me a quarter of what you are offering.” He scored five goals in pre-season, so I don’t see what the point was involving him in the kid-on games, then when it gets to the real thing leave him rotting.

When the team is winning its easy to ignore certain players, but when things go wrong and results go against you, that is when the pressure is on to select them. In my opinion Scott McDonald has not set the heather alight since arriving from Celtic, his goal per game ratio is not great, but he is definitely worth at least a place on the bench.

Its still early doors regarding the season, players are still bedding in, still getting to know their new surroundings, we will get a better idea, as to where we are heading after about 12-14 games. I wish both Bailey and Williams both speedy recoveries.

I would just like to thank all the callers that have taken part in the Three Legends radio show on Star and Koast, if you would like to join us and give your opinion call in on 0845 013 22 00. 6-8 pm weekdays.



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  1. @BoroYouths says:

    You mention money being re-invested and only talk about transfers (and even then you get the Jutiewicz figure wrong, £1.3m not £1m) but what about academy players and renewed contracts?

    Rhys Williams is part of the re-investment of the income surely? He signed a new long term deal with the club, now i assule that the extra money he will be earning compared to the old deal will have to come from somewhere? Jason Steele long term contract, Joe Bennett signed a new long term deal, Seb Hines, Richard Smallwood, Curtis Mainhave all signed new deals in the recent years.

    You cannot fund the extra income in wages through fairydust and words alone, you need to sell players either for a profit (like the club did with Luke Young for example) or sell a home grown talent, like the club did recently with Bennett.

    If the club were to allow the deals of first teamers who are starters or the up and coming supplimental players (like Reach, Park, Williams etc) to expire due to lack of funds im sure you, yourself would be writing an article slating the club. I know i would be.

    Its all about a balance.

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