Raise a toast to Koast.

THE show isn’t over… After my contract with Real Radio was terminated on July 23 and the Legends radio show I did with Micky Horswill and Malcolm Macdonald was cancelled, four days later I started talks with Koast Radio, who are based in Morpeth, Newcastle.For those of you who don’t know Koast Radio, they are a non-profitable community radio station.After my initial meeting with the programme director Victoria Oakley and hearing her plans I was immediately attracted to it.One of the main things that attracted me is that it’s a local station for local people with local contact.Over the 15-plus years I’ve been involved with radio, I’ve witnessed the demise of it as a medium with programmes pre-recorded in Manchester or London.And after 13 years of being involved with the biggest sports show in the North-east with record listening figures and a loyal following, I thought it was only right to keep it going for the local community.Personally I’m grateful to Koast for giving me a platform to continue.I’m looking to grab the opportunity with both hands and hopefully the show can resume as normal in a couple of months when my mates Micky and Malcolm join me and we can attract the massive audience we had two weeks ago.The reason I attended Tuesday’s press conference in Northumberland to announce the new Three Legends show on my own was that I’ve been informed that, due to my column in last Thursday’s Evening Gazette, I am in breach of my contract which has resulted in the loss of my severance payment.My former employers may have stopped my money, but they will never stop my opinion.Hearing from any sponsors who would like to help me help a non-profit making radio station going out live across the internet and hoping to get an FM licence in the next couple of weeks would be welcome.The radio is a lifeline and a source of communication and entertainment to a lot of people, especially if they are housebound.Listeners liked us on the radio because we are honest, straight-talking and don’t buy into any propaganda.I’m going to be broadcasting by myself initially on week nights from August 13 from 6pm to 8pm, then I will be joined by the other lads as soon as they are able to.Koast Radio is available online at www.koastradio.co.uk and the phone line is 01670 791999.

” Never be bullied into silence, never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no ones definition of your life. But define yourself.”

IT’S a well-worn cliche that you can’t buy experience, but Boro have done just that by bringing in summer signings like Jonathan Woodgate and Stuart Parnaby.
It’s always wise to have some experienced older heads around the young guys and their knowledge and know-how has a positive knock-on effect and can help to bring the kids on.
The only thing is, Woody and Parnaby have both had injury-interrupted careers.
Woodgate is a class act with experience and ability second to none.
But we all know that injuries have held him back, he admits that himself. How ever many England caps he has won, he should have trebled it and more.
Parnaby has been out of the game a long time after falling out of favour at Birmingham and will have a lot of rust to shed.
So while experience is great, you need your older heads playing to make the most out of it. Sitting up in the stands and watching games while injured is no good. It can have a downer effect.
Grant Leadbitter’s arrival helps to off-set Barry Robson’s departure to Vancouver and Emmanuel Ledesma has looked sharp in pre-season and should provide some creative spark if he can overcome some of the injury issues which have dogged his career.
There should be a whole host of new faces starting the season opener against Bury and I personally think this season is going to be even tougher than the last one, when Boro only just missed out on the play-offs.
Blackburn, Bolton and Wolves have come down but won’t be any pushovers and it’s always a scramble trying to get promoted to the Premier League in a division where the majority of teams lack consistency and anyone can beat anyone else.

TRIALISTS are sometimes regarded as Mickey Mouse players, so much so that they often don’t even get a name on the team sheet when they play in friendlies and reserve games.
But you can find the odd gem and I was able to carve out my own career at the Boro after being given a couple of trial games and doing enough to earn a contract.
It’s not easy for players trying to win over a potential new manager as there is only a limited time to do it.
You’ve got to seize any chance you get. But it’s pleasing to see that Boro have got strong links with Juninho still and he recommended a couple of players for Mogga to have a look at.
Juninho has still got a great rapport with the club so wouldn’t put us on to any duffers, and it was heartening to see the lads Dudu and Correa in action in Tuesday’s friendly against Hartlepool.
The Dutch lad Romeo Castelen is hoping to rebuild his career after injury and one or two could enhance the squad if they impress enough to earn a contract.
The Brazilians have flown halfway round the world to have a go here, whereas I came down from Glasgow carrying my £24 boots in a carrier bag.
I just hope these lads have got a Louis Vuitton bag at least!

Thanks to Evening Gazette.

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