Koast Radio saves The Three Legends.

One third of The Three Legends has announced the football talking trio are to join community radio station Koast Radio, based in South East Northumberland. Bernie Slaven, former Middlesbrough player, took the lead at the press conference, which was held at Longhirst Golf Club, Morpeth on Wednesday 1st August at 11:00am.

Due to legal reasons, the other two members of the Legends Malcolm Macdonald and Micky Horswill were unable to attend the press conference. However, Bernie, along with the Station Director, Vicky Oakley, were present to make the announcement and share their delight at the Three Legends being able to continue their legacy in the North East through a new medium of community radio, following an unexpected termination of contract from Real Radio..

Bernie Slaven said: “I’ve witnessed demise in local radio, with more and more coverage coming from London and Manchester and it is thanks to Koast that we are being given a platform to continue the show.

“It’s no nonsense, big egos, no propaganda. We give our honest opinion and I think there is a lot of people in this modern world who are afraid to do that. The Legends is the number one show in the north-east and number one in the 6pm to 8pm slot in the country.”

Koast Radio, based at Longhirst Hall, Morpeth, is accessible to listeners online, (currently reaching 15,000 hits a month) allowing people across the country to listen in their cars as well as in their homes to The Three Legends football phone in. The station is in line to hopefully receive an FM license in the near future which means they will go on the FM airwaves in the South East Northumberland area.

Station Director, Vicky Oakley described how when she went to the Three Legends with the idea four days after the termination of their contracts, “I thought it probably won’t happen. But my motto is ‘if you don’t ask you don’t get’.

“I was honest, I told them we don’t have the money, but that we could help continue the show for the massive fan base that they have, as the uproar on Twitter and Facebook has shown. They are not in this for the money. Myself and the other volunteers at Koast are ecstatic that they have come to join us.”

Present at the press conference was Wansbeck MP, Ian Lavery, who said “The Three Legends show means so much to people cut off from the rest of the world. The content is fantastic; the banter even better. I just hope people recognise the importance of community radio stations such as Koast Radio to the local people.”

The Three Legends show will be commencing from Monday 13th August, airing from their usual time of 6pm until 8pm. For the first three months, due to contractual terms preventing Malcolm Macdonald and Micky Horswill from broadcasting, Bernie will be talking football with the help of two guests every week, until Malcolm and Micky can return.

Bernie acknowledged that “the real stars are the listeners, these guys kept us in a job for twelve years; we only hosted the show. We want a chance to thank them.”
http://soundcloud.com/koastradio/legend-first-interview To hear our very own Simon Robertson interview Bernie Slaven on Koast Radio.

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  1. toongeffas says:

    Great news Bernie there loss roll on Monday the 13th new show back on my birthday happy days (Toon Army)

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