What 10 questions would you ask Steve Gibson?

With 4 games remaining and at least 3 victories required, you would have to be an absolute raving lunatic to predict Boro could gain 9 points.

Look don’t get me wrong, is not impossible, but with no wins in the last 8 and in our worst run under my old team mates reign, it now looks very, very unlikely.

So what does the future hold for our club?

We have very little money, if any for the transfer market, its inevitable players out of contract will walk away. Its a cert Williams will be sold, despite signing a new contract recently. Over the last few years we have trimmed the squad and the wage bill back, next season I reckon the ferocity of the pruning will become even greater. Personally I think its time for Middlesbrough Football Club to put their cards on the table and tell us what their long term strategies are.

For years to many North East journalists have become complacent, sycophantic and incapable of asking awkward questions, at press conferences media members are told not to ask specific questions or they will be turfed out. I have wittnessed it, its sheer propaganda.

What 10 questions would you as a fan ask Steve Gibson.

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  1. Josh Moffat says:

    What do you think has been your biggest mistake whilst boro chairman?

  2. SmoggyHoggy says:

    Q1) What funds if any will we have in the summer? If yes will this mean losing key players first?

    Q2) Are there any ideas/plans on getting attendances back to the riverside? For example Kids for a fiver etc?

    Q3) Greatest match you have witnessed as Chairman?

    Q4) Have you ever conisdered selling the club in the past?

    Q5) Would you consider investment if the investors took a backseat approach?

    Q6) The ambition for the club next season?

    Q7) Will we be seeing big names/players coming in the summer to bolster the quad?

    Q8) Your favourite ever Boro goal?

    Q9) What are your thoughts on the current season?

    Q10) Whats your biggest regret whilst being chairman at the boro?

    Also thank you for being a fantastic chairman and man whilst being with the boro! The fans love you to bits, you deserve the Promotion just as much as we do! Long may your reign continue!! UP THE BORO!!!

  3. do you intend to give tony some backing next season to get out of this league…?

  4. 1. What is the club doing to solve low attendances?

    2. Do you feel the club should adopt a similar transfer policy to that of Newcastle (and Wigan under Steve Bruce) in giving players a platform to shine, with a view to moving them on when the right offer comes in, to bolster the clubs financial position?

    3. How much debt is the club in, and who is owed what?

    4. Can the club offer new players a bumper bonus for promotion, with a wage cut clause for relegation, in order to fire up the ranks to head for the Premiership? Because the feeling is that the club is deliberately holding back from pushing forward.

    5. Why do the club keep making PR gaffes, and who is ultimately responsible? The issue with flags being banned, home fans turfed out for standing when away fans do it all game, over zealous stewards etc.

    6. What is being done to promote Boro overseas, for commercial reasons? They do have a link with the totalitarian regime of North Korea after all.

    7. Would it be a good idea to tie players down to lengthy contracts, in the spirit of Newcastle?

    8. Would the club consider hiring a big name executive/chairman/ambassador, like Niall Quinn essentially was for Sunderland, for the fans to associate themselves with and as a central PR figurehead? (get your name in Bernie!!!)

    9. How important is it to back the manager with funds?

    10. There are lots of unemployed lads in the Boro; would the club consider an open day to see if there’s any rough diamonds sitting in the stands when they’d be better out on the pitch?

  5. PeterSwallow says:

    Bernie its blatently obvious what the strategy is simple survival.

    Mowbray has already admitted we will be slaughtering the wagebill. CEO Bauser has came out and said that the main revenue stream is now gates, and our gates are falling at an alarming rate.

    The club cant say what they are going to do next season because they dont know how skint we will be.

    I dont have a question for Gibson I have a recpmmendation. Come out and make it clear no spin at all that the quality and strenght of our squad depends on the size of the crowds.

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