Bring on the Maccums!

After a very good all round team display against Sunderland and a magnificent goal from Barry Robson, the only success left over from the Gordon Strachan era. It was great to be in the hat on Sunday when the draw was made. The two things I was hoping for were a home draw and a weaker opposition, well one out of two isn’t bad.

Can Middlesbrough win the F A Cup replay at The Riverside?
Of course we can.Those neutrals who witnessed the game live on TV, would have found it difficult to tell who was the premiership outfit. On the day we were organised, disciplined and adventurous. Most teams look at playing at home as an advantage, unfortunately for Middlesbrough, the performances and results at The Riverside tend to differ. At home we have huffed and puffed, not been as fluent as we have on our travels. We have conceded umpteen goals, we have thrown away valuable points, of course cup games against local rivals or enemy’s are totally different. Local players like McMahon, Bates, Steele, Bennett and Catermole know the importance of it and how much it means to the fans. That saying about the guy going to work with a spring in his step on the Monday morning and having the bragging rights, is dead right.
Benefits of a victory?
More revenue, one over on your Northeast neighbours and a tie against Arsenal, which is live on TV.
The question going into the replay is, can anyone beat the quickest ever derby goal scored in 17 secs? If anyone beats it I will go back to Binns window and pose full frontal.

Since the derby game several championship games have taken place.

On Tuesday league leaders Southampton could only draw 1-1 against Cardiff and West Ham were well and truly gubbed 5-1 against Ipswich.We had a golden opportunity to close the gap against Leicester, unfortunately we could only take a point after conceding a late goal. A point on your travels is always a good one.
Delighted the transfer window has closed. Rumours were rife about Boro cashing in on Rhys Williams and that Bolton had offered £6 million, although Mogga categorically said there had been no offer on the table. I am just a bit disappointed we didn’t add another 2 players to our paper thin squad, of course we can still bring a player in via a loan deal.

I would like to send my thoughts and prayers to the 73 people who died and the people who were injured in the game between Al-ahly and Al-masri.

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