Boro must rediscover momentum tonight against Forest.

Well tonight is another opportunity for Mogga and the boys, to take all 3 points against third bottom Nottingham Forest. Middlesbrough’s greatest ever striker and former Forest manager, the late great Brian Clough must be turning in his grave at the state of his old club.
Boro of course continue to battle on despite the injuries and the paper thin squad, but we must rediscover our momentum quickly if we are to avoid slipping into mid table mediocrity . 6 league games without a victory, lost 3 of our last 5 and after the weekends fixtures we have dropped to 9th. But it’s not all doom and gloom, we are still sitting in a healthy position, 2 points off playoffs. But tonight we must reignite our promotion campaign against a poor side.
I felt sorry for Boros fans who wasted their time and money travelling to Ipswich only for the game to be abandoned after only 37 mins. I have been there as a player, pundit and a fan and no one benefits. The referee if in doubt should not gamble and waste everyone’s time, with today’s technology and advance weather reports, there are no excuses.
Well done both Ipswich and Middlesbrough football clubs, the 730 fans who made the journey are going to be let in free in the rearranged game, providing they have got their ticket stubs and in addition Boro are looking into providing free coach travel to Portman Road.

Handshakes are a pointless ritual, before games.

The Suarez refusal to shake the hands of Patrick Evra, before the Man United v Liverpool game on Saturday dominated the headlines.
There was a similar situation off the park north of the border, when before the Hearts v Kilmarnock game Paul Sergio the Hearts manager ignored a hand gesture from Killie, Kenny Shields. It stemmed after Shields accused the Jambo of lacking principles and betraying his players trust by not standing up to owner Valdimar Romanov. After the game Sergio grabbed the hand of Shields son who plays for Killie and whispered something into his ear, no doubt it would have been derogatory towards his father.
Why do we bother forcing professional players to shake hands? Only the captain should shake hands ,or members of a secret organisation. The bungling FA abandoned both teams shaking hands a couple of weeks ago in the QPR v Chelsea game. Why didn’t they do the same on Saturday, it was a certainty it was going to go wrong, not only was it Evra and Suarez who got it wrong Ferdinand also refused.
So were Liverpool and Dalglish wrong to support the Uruguayan?
Well from the outside looking in, it’s easy to say definitely, without a doubt. I can only assume that Suarez still believes he is not guilty and not a racist and therefore refused to shake hands. If I believed I was innocent in all of this, there is no way I would shake someone’s hand either .Of course the transcript says otherwise. At the end of the day the Uruguayan has been hammered from pillar to post, served an eight game ban and has served his punishment. Why is it so important for them both to shake hands in the public domain? There is no way I would shake hands with someone who had reported me to the authorities. I have mentioned before being brought up in Glasgow, I have been called Pape and Fenian on the football field and I can assure you those words are as offensive as what Evra has been called. It never entered my mind to report it to the authorities, that was back then, but even now if I was playing in the modern game I would be looking to sort it out one on one and I wouldn’t be reporting it to anyone. Since the Suarez incident and the accusations against John Terry, in my opinion, it has just inflamed the whole racism situation even further. Don’t get me wrong we need to kick racism, not just out of football, but out of society, but the Terry court case pending till after the championship doesn’t help matters. As a Glaswegian and as a Roman Catholic, I would love bigotry to get as much coverage as racism. In Scotland it has been going on or 200 years, people have lost their lives, yet it continues. Going back to the John Terry situation, if he is found guilty of racism, he shouldn’t just be kicked out of the national team, he should be kicked out of the country.

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