Bigoted referee comments disturbing.

Its not just on the park referees are getting it wrong, off it a former Premier League referee, who comes from the North East of England, has put his foot in it with his comments.

Now as someone who was brought up in Glasgow and as a Catholic, I find this very, very offensive, I love opinions, attitudes and banter, but two things I despise, are racism and bigotry. Don’t forget, bigotry north of the border has been going for hundreds of years. I have experienced bigoted comments directed at myself over the years, been called a Pape and a Fenian.In Glasgow over the decades there has been assaults and deaths all linked to sectarian tensions within the city.

Recently Liverpool’s Luis Suarez was found guilty over racially abusing Man Utd’s Patrice Evra, England’s John Terry faces criminal charges over racism if found guilty against Anton Ferdinand.We as a country are trying to educate our children, that racism/ bigotry are wrong and here we have a former referee, coming out with remarks like this.

A host of people tweeted me last night, telling me of a former referees comments. I have since heard that the referees computer has supposedly been hacked. Well for all those gullible people out there, who believe that tripe, take a look at previous comments made by the same person.Back in 2010 he had to make an apology to a premier league club in Scotland, after he called one of the teams players a cheating b*****d and branded the same teams manager a hate figure. He also referred to the football ground as the glitter-dome. I have experienced this persons bigoted comments and jokes first hand. In fact, I was so offended over a year ago, that I stopped attending the Evening Gazette meetings, to avoid him.

If Evra and Ferdinand are offended by comments directed at them, and rightly so. I am equally offended, put it this way I am embarrassed to support the same team in England and write for the same local paper as him.

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