Seven years since Cloughie passed away

Brian Clough was without doubt the
greatest football manager that the England national team never had. During my twenty-five years south of the border,meeting “old big ead “was my greatest ever moment. He was everything I looked for in an individual,opinionated,confident,arrogant,charismatic,funny and charming. I remember going to interview him several years back, I traveled to Nottingham to meet him, Brian shook everyone’s hands on arrival then nestled down in his seat as we had a pre chat he turned to my mate who weighed twenty-eight stone, and asked are you from the boro then? The next question was what school did my mate go to, he finished off by saying ” boy you must have ate some school dinners. ”
I have always been intrigued with Cloughie ever since I was a youngster. I recall seeing him on a World Cup panel back in 1982 alongside Malcolm Allison, Derek Dougan and Bob Moncur. The debate was all about Italian international Paolo Rossi, as to how he would cope after been out in the wilderness for two years because of fraud. Cloughie was the only panelist that backed Rossi to be a success in the tournament and how right he was, he finished off the tournaments top scorer with six goals and won the golden boot. I was hooked. My ex team mate Mark Proctor tells a story about when he was at Nottingham Forest, that before a game while waiting on your pre match meal Cloughie, rather than tell you that you were not playing, would tap you on the shoulders and say ” You can have chips today.”
We all know Cloughies achievements both as a player and as a manager but as an individual he was second to none, there is no one in the world of football past or present in my opinion compares to Cloughie.
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