Mogga the saviour.

My ex skipper and team mate Tony Mowbray certainly took his time in getting the managers job at Middlesbrough, as far as im concerned it should have been years ago. He has taken over at probably the worst time at the club for years, he has had to reduce the wage bill and has no money to buy players. What a fantastic job he is doing. He has instilled a confidence, discipline and a swagger, all qualities that were distinctively lacking under Gordon Strachans woeful leadership. For me one of Moggas biggest qualities is his mindset, he understands the mentality of the Teesside public, unlike a lot of managers from the past, he is a man of honesty, principle and integrity, how many managers in today’s game have those traits? You will be lucky if there is a handful. Since Mogga took over the reign at the Riverside our fortunes have changed dramatically, our team functions properly, we entertain, we score goals and we believe we can win irrespective of opposition or venue. One of his biggest achievements so far is signing Marvin Emnes on an extended contract and getting him to perform. Don’t forget Emnes was a player we signed back in 2008, who had played a poultry 60 odd games and scored only a handful of goals, after returning from a successful loan spell at Swansea hes never looked back, he is brimming with confidence, picked up the player of the month award for August and has scored 8 goals so far. Im sure Emnes would be first to direct a lot of the praise to manager Tony Mowbray. Mogga im sure has learned from Bruce Rioch over the years as to how to make players feel 10 foot tall before going out onto the pitch.

Sitting top of the championship is a fantastic achievement for Mogga and the team. If Mogga would have  to be made Mayor, Prime minster, Pope or King or got a knighthood, I would have gone along with it. As a boro fan and a ex boro player I was delighted. Since Gordon Strachans and Keith Lambs departure, I feel there is a feel good factor at the football club. The fans feel a warmth that has been lacking for years. Without Moggas arrival we could have quite simply disappeared into oblivion, the club was down on its knees and in need of a lift. In my opinion Steve Gibsons appointment of Gareth Southgate and Gordon Strachan were wrong, but bringing in one of our own so far has been a master stroke. Of course being top of the championship was short lived as Southampton gubbed Birmingham, but if we finish in the top six that will be one hell of a achievement, of course there is a long way to go and anything can happen.

As I’ve said before its inevitable we will pick up injuries, there will be loss of form, suspensions etc also having a thin squad could be costly. At the minute we are on the crest of a wave, in fine form and brimming with confidence and as far as im concerned its down to one man Tony Mowbray .     “MOGGA TAKE A BOW”

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