Black mark against England.

When I heard last week that the PFA were potentially looking at plans to introduce a ruling that would force clubs to interview black coaches for managers roles, I was horrified, Gordon Taylor the PFA chief executive by all accounts has been worried for some time about the lack of black managers.Surely its not about your colour, creed or nationality, its about your ability and man management skills.Black managers or lack of them has never entered my mind. It has been highlighted that there has only been four black managers in the top flight, Rudd Gullit, Paul Ince, Chris Hughton and Jean Tigana.

Where does the nonsense stop? I can’t recall ever seeing a black referee, why don’t we change that? We can all find things to have a go at when you are referring to racism or bigotry. As a roman catholic, I find it offensive that a catholic will never sit on the throne or marry into the royal family, I find it offensive that there has never been a catholic prime minister. In America up until Barack Obama was made president there had never been a black, female or gay in that role. It annoys me greatly that everything is geared around skin colour. There are bigger issues to be addressed, but England sweep them under the carpet. Britain as a whole is bigoted  yet I have never heard anyone in power question it.

Getting back to football I reckon there are more black players than white and to be honest im not going to waste my time counting as I judge players on their ability not their skin colour.

When I was playing with Albion Rovers back in 1982, I played with the only black player in Scotland a lad called Victor Kasule, he was from Ugandan decent by all accounts, how tough do you think it must have been for him back then, people were less educated and racism was a massive problem in the football stands across Britain. When I was with The Republic of Ireland squad Paul Mcgrath was a member, not only was he a great lad but he was arguably Ireland’s greatest ever player. How difficult must it have been for him not only was he black he was also Irish.

Things have gone mad people are frightened to air their views these days or write things in fear of upsetting people and losing their jobs. I have always believed that people who court popularity usually portray a dishonest message. When I was brought up in Glasgow supporting Celtic it didn’t matter what colour they were or what religion they were as long as they played for the hoops, I was on their side. On the subject of Celtic. The first black player they signed was a guy called Gill Heron, who joined back in August 1951,he sadly passed away in November aged 87.

I know how black players feel, they feel discriminated, neglected, I had similar experiences growing up in Glasgow,I was turned down from job interviews as one of the first questions they asked would be what school did you go to, as soon as you say St Domonics or St Margaret Marys they instantly knew what religion you were, of course its wasn’t my colour that went against me it was my creed.

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  1. Yella says:

    Uriah Rennie?

  2. Mark Gibbs says:

    Hey Bernie how can you forget Uriah Rennie.i

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