Ashley or Gibson?

Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley was up to his antics yet again, this time stripping down to his x large underpants during a boozy night out in a chinese restaurant.

Since taking over at Newcastle he has continued to embarrass and humiliate the geordie supporters, who in my opinion deserve far greater respect and manners from their owner. Remember him mixing with the Newcastle supporters at the Emirates while supping a pint, turning up in the directors box in a Newcastle shirt instead of collar and tie. I heard from a good source, he did the conga along with his mates in the boardroom after a derby victory against Sunderland, while Niall Quinn was present. Don’t forget he renamed the stadium from St James Park to Sports Direct. com St James Park Ant and Dec Jimmy Niall, or something like that. He lost the court case with geordie legend Kevin Keegan and was responsible for bringing in the poisoned dwarf Dennis Wise, he has put the club up for sale and failed to sell.

Looking at Middlesbrough owner Steve Gibson, there are very few similarities between him and Ashley. They have both got a few quid, both worked in an autocratic partnership, Gibson and Lamb, Ashley and Llambias, its their way or the highway. At the end of the day they are both hard nosed businessmen. That’s where the similarities end.

Steve Gibson was born and bred in Middlesbrough, started off as a young director, aged 25 before becoming chairman. He is 100% a boro fan. I have never read anywhere that he has brought the club into disrepute. His love for his home town club isn’t even open to debate, he is passionate, has been loyal and continues to drive the club forward even during these difficult times. Oh and don’t forget winning the Carling Cup and UEFA Cup final and all the big names he has signed over the years.

All Ashley has done since taking the hot seat is sack Keegan, Allardyce, Kinnear, Shearer and Chris Hughton. He has asset stripped the club, selling all the clubs best players. Gibson has sold all his best players as well but he has no option as Middlesbrough are in financial trouble, Newcastle are sound financially, have brought in millions of pounds and spent peanuts. Oh I almost forgot Newcastle recently succeeded in winning the championship 2 years ago. Surely 50,000 geordie supporters deserve better than that!

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  1. PeterSwallow says:

    This will be an unpopular opinion but Ashley.

    yes he is an unprofessional git but he is doing right by his club, they have little or no debt and have players on sustainable wages, whilst they arent superstars they are a lot better than the players at Boro and some have massive potential especially the french lads and the new italian.

    Gibson did the opposite he gave players ridiculous contracts that they didnt live up to and now we find ourselves in huge debt and everything in the future is going to be a struggle.

    If Boro were to be promoted they would need 3 seasons worth of the money just to get in positive bank figures before we could even think of pushing on and signing the experienced prem performers(not saying superstars, average players).

    Put simply if you were the man to follow either chairman which club would you rather have without taking into crowds into consideration. Newcastle, a lot less of a mess.

  2. bernieslaven says:

    Hi Peter enjoyed your ,post over the last few years I would use neither owner as a example

  3. bernieslaven says:

    Hi Peter over the years I would use neither owner as an example, mike Ashley like steve Gibson is gambling you know what happens to gamblers they very seldom win.

  4. gordy100 says:

    Ashley is his own worst enemy – in terms of how he communicates with Newcastle fans. He runs the club as he runs his own companies – autocratic, he makes the big decisions and is prone to change his mind on a whim. In his business life I’m sure many of his investors feel similar towards him as do Newcastle fans. I also think he quite enjoys the infamy. That said, he is getting a totally mismanaged club under some sort of control. Wages and Debt are significantly reduced. Sacking Houghton was debatable – but a good run in the league and/or cup, will start to win over the fans. And, what a fan base – 40k+ means Newcastle are a large club – even if they’re not in the same league yet as ‘Man U, Man C, Chelsea, Liverpool or Arsenal’.

    Somewhere along the line – Steve Gibson lost the plot. Success was bought rather than earned. SG bought into Steve MacLaren’s management vision of paying top dollar wages to ‘experienced high profile players’ some of whom performed others didn’t justify their wages. Yes there was a Carling Cup win and UEFA Cup final high spots. MacLaren was always going to be off as soon as a bigger job came up and Gibbo thought the appointment of Southgate would be a good move. I think it could have been a good move if GS was given a couple of people with experience to support him – but that didn’t happen and if you look back, GS then had to get rid of quite a few of the high earners – Viduka etc. Maybe GS was bound to fail, but the appointment of Strauchan and subsequent gamble was a unmitigated disaster. Enough said, and I think it caused SG to find the plot again.

    The appointment of Mowbray- a manager used to working successfully with very limited budgets – is SG’s best decision in years. They playing side of the club has been revitalised, playing as a team and playing attractive football. Fans are being won back over and attendances will grow. Promotion is a possibility. Promotion would cause a new set of problems for SG – but Mowbray has proved a good judge of players and doesn’t overpay.

    You ask which chairman you’d like to follow – I actually think SG is more advanced than Ashley in getting the club sorted. If debt was down to reasonable levels the definately Boro. Don’t forget – Newcastle has very little public debt these days, as its all owed to Ashley and I think dealing with Ashley in those circumstances would be a bigger chalenge than managing the club.

  5. Al Glasgow says:

    Interesting read Bernie, both are cost cutting due to years over over spending, He spent a fortune taking over Newcastle, then clearing debt from previous owners etc, my father in law is a Geordie and he hates Ashley and his constant taking, taking, taking. Since he appeared to lose interest in the club he is all about taking… and the less said about Houghton’s dismissal the better

    Gibson on the other hand is cost cutting due to years over over spending that he over saw

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