Morrissey loves animals but will he have a picture taken with the Wolfman?

As part of his UK summer tour Morrissey plays at Middlesbrough’s town hall on Friday 8th July. He last played in the town hall back in 1986 when he was with the Smiths.

I have always enjoyed Morrissey’s music, lyrics and outbursts and agree with most of his opinions on politics, animal welfare and the establishment and have seen him live on numerous occasions. I have always admired people who give their honest and forthright views, who are not afraid to show their colours and go against the grain, I find it very refreshing in today’s society. Hopefully I have shown those qualities in the last 16 years whilst doing the Middlesbrough football commentary and on the Legends show here in the North East on Real Radio.

During my time as a player with Middlesbrough and The Republic of Ireland, I have been in the company,photographed and interviewed a lot of people who I admire, Pope John Paul ll,the late great Brian Clough, Man United player Paddy Crerand, Middlesbrough born singer Chris Rea and many more.As Morrissey is coming to my adopted home town of Middlesbrough, where I played for 8 years, scoring 147 goals for the team and was christened the name Wolfman, because of my body hair, I would love to have my picture taken alongside him at the Town Hall. If I was given a choice of a picture with Morrissey or the Queen It would be Morrissey every time.If I was to choose between a Moz CD and an OBE, I would choose the CD.I am not a sycophant, stalker or a weirdo I just admire talented front men, both in football and music.

The nearest I have got to Morrissey was interviewing Cornellius Carr who met Morrissey back in 1994 and who later appeared on  Morrisseys ‘Boxers’ video and the cover of the album World of Morrissey.

If anyone can arrange for me to have a picture taken with Morrissey, I will donate £500 to a local charity or Morrissey’s PETA charity and as Morrissey is from Irish decent I will also donate one of my Republic of Ireland  shirts from the  1990 World Cup Finals and as the concerts at Middlesbrough I will donate one of my Middlesbrough shirts signed of course.

Today’s Sunday Sun has the 50 greatest North East strikers, I am delighted to say, I was included but when it comes to music Morrissey is at the top, number 1.


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