Keith Lamb Departs.

I said two months ago that we needed a change at the top and that we needed someone in between the chairman and chief executive, with fresh ideas and hopefully a bit of money.

From the outside looking in both were too comfy in their roles, both were bullet proof to a degree.

I am not surprised at the change.

Over the twenty five years the chief executive has got the blame for anything and everything. I don’t believe for a minute that he made any major decisions on his own. It would have been a consortium of people, chairman,manager and executive.

There is no doubt at times he made clangers, such as saying season ticket holders don’t matter, the town will get the club it deserves,and the Alves signing. He came in for major criticism especially when Gareth Southgate was quoted as saying he knew nothing about it. The Maclaren contract mystery, he signed a new contract to stay at the club until 2009, and the chief executive said on the legends ‘The contract remains unsigned’. Two days later he officially signed the document and Maclaren by all accounts was fuming. The Ziege contract mystery, that had Robson furious.

The flip side of the coin is he was heavily involved in bringing top names to the club like Ravanelli, Juninho, Emmerson, Merson, the list is endless. He was also involved in the most successful era in the clubs history. So it certainly hasn’t all been bad.

Is it a good thing for the club?

Without a doubt, rightly or wrongly there is a stigma attached to the chief executive and I believe 98% of the fans will see it as a positive move. He had no warmth or connection with the fans or the players and I am talking from experience, he was at the club when I was a player. He was just another hard-nosed, ruthless, businessman, who didn’t give a damn who he upset.

His replacement needs to connect with the fans and players alike. He needs to earn respect and generate money, positivity and better PR.

Do I feel sorry for him?

No he is 64 years old and nearly at retirement age.

I feel sorry for all those people who have lost their jobs at the club over the years, who didn’t make any bad decisions.

No doubt he will get a handsome payoff and a pension and continue to live a luxurious lifestyle, others got a boot up the backside with no money.

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