It will all fall into place in the summer.

Some Boro fans have been talking about how they believe things are going to get better during the close season.Personally I think they should be locked up in a padded cell and the key thrown away. Lets put it this way, how can things improve when manager Tony Mowbray, who has worked wonders since his arrival is being forced to reduce the wage bill from £24 million to below £10 million and irrespective of how much he brings in it is very doubtful he will have any to spend on new signings.

As an ex Boro player and a fan we have to except,we are no longer a buying club, but a selling club. It is a trend that stretches right back to the 70’s and early 80’s. When I watch match of the day on a Saturday night it is littered with ex Middlesbrough players, David Wheater, Stu Downing, Adam Johnstone, Lee Catermole, Mark Schwarzer, Chris Brunt, James Morrisson to name but a few.

Without Tony Mowbrays arrival we could have been relegated from the Championship. He inherited a imbalanced squad, low on confidence and self esteem and several players with limited ability and don’t forget he was forced to sell David Wheater to Bolton in January. There is no doubting my ex team mate Mogga would have known what he was letting himself in for but his love for the club no doubt tugged his heartstrings, it’s a job he has always dreamt about. It is just a pity he has not got the funding or backing that Robbo, Mclaren, Southgate and Strachan received.

There is no doubt chairman Steve Gibson has still got the ambition, hunger and drive to be successful but as it stands today unfortunately he has not got the finance to back it. Most people in life have ambition. My ambition is to live in Monte Carlo, float about the Mediterranean on a yacht and drive a Ferrari. But do you know what? I have not got the money.

During the campaign I was quoted as saying,we need a change at the top, someone to come in between the chairman and chief executive, someone to  have a different opinion and to ruffle  a few feathers, hopefully invest a few quid.Well after 25 years the autocratic partnership has finally been split up. The chief executive has stepped down, but will still be involved in some capacity. I personally think this is a step in the right direction. There has always been a stigma attached to Mr Lamb, rightly or wrongly the fingers would point when you mentioned the 3 points deduction or Christian Ziege contract cock up, or quotes like the season ticket holders don’t matter, or the town will get the club it deserves.

There is no denying he was involved in the most successful stint in our football clubs history and played a major part in persuading some of the biggest names in the game, Ravanelli, Juninho, Emmerson, Merson etc to come to the club. But as a spokesman he did more harm than good when he opened his mouth, no warmth, sincerity or connection with the fans in my opinion he came across as a hard nosed, ruthless business man, who didn’t give a dam who he upset.

By all accounts Steve Gibson is not replacing him and is going to be more hands on. I also think this is a positive move. There is a renewed optimism on Teesside since Moggas return and a greater connection with the paying public. We have played with a certain style and a swagger, have banged in a boatload of goals and our performance against Cardiff will live in the memory over the summer months. There has been big performances from Bennett and Williams. We just have to fasten our seat belts, sit tight and see what happens over the summer. Then we can give a genuine opinion as to where we are heading, at the minute everything is up in the air.

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  1. I’m hearing about this 24million wage bill we have and the need to cut it down to 10million…. word from people in the club is that it’s below 20million already though it would be great from a fan’s perspective to see the break-down of the wages against players. looking at the squad and who we are certainly losing and who we can live with losing then that would drastically reduce wages without much or even any affect on the first team.

    Haas & Flood already gone.
    Arca & Taylor if stay would be on reduced wages.
    Digard, Boyd, Hoyte, Miller, kink could go without any affect on best 11 and all on high wage.
    one of either Lita or Mcdonald could be sold and replaced with a punt from abroad or youngster on fraction of wage.

    lets then say Haas, flood, miller, kink on 15k week – totals over 3million wages.
    digard, hoyte, lita on 20k – another 3 million
    arca & taylor reduced 5k each if stay – another half mil
    boyd – 35k -close to 2million

    that’s 8.5 million withough really touching best 11 and still keeping mcmanus, McDonald along with emnes.

    we have steele, bates, R.Williams, bennett, arca, emnes & mcdonald who have all attracted attention from premiership clubs and feel we have a potentially better squad than swansea, forrest and norwich so with one or two none-headline grabbing signings Mowbray could build a very good young side out of them.

    and from a personal point of view i’d rather go up the season after next if mowbray gets the time to build a side out of the local youths and current local lads than bring in affordable randoms to try and force promotion.

    onwards and upwards.



  2. fluffycarpet1978 says:

    Bernie. Keith Lamb never said “Boro will get the team it deserves”. He actually said “Boro will get the team it can afford”. There is a big difference. Though I still was’nt a fan of his.

  3. PeterSwallow says:

    Bernie I agree it will all fall into place over the summer, into a nightmare.

    The club might be all rosy at the front, but behind closed doors its panic stations and fear. I hear you mentioning on the legends that Mowbray has to do pruning. Its not pruning its cutting down the whole tree, and that includes the non playing side.

    Coaches, Backroom staff, scouts, medical staff. Everyone is at risk.

    I’ll end with this, the only success at Boro is Dave Parnaby. I would be surprised if he is still employed by Middlesbrough come August.

  4. The Holgate-Ghost says:

    Know your Scottish yourself Bernie , and I LOVE the place , but that Thompson geezer is a wuss .
    He reminds me of the other treatment room tenents , like Chris Riggott & Didier Digard . Get him off the wagebill Tony , where DO we get them from , I think they recommend their mates to Middlesbrough for an easy touch . If they cant , or wont take the field on a regular basis , get shot .

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