Sheffield United 1, Middlesbrough 2.

I have continued to repeat myself over the weeks, saying at this stage of the season its about results , not performances.

Against Sheffield, we were arguably second best, but two smashing goals from Bates and Emnes sealed the vital points, and more or less guarantees Championship football next season.

It is amazing to think the last time we beat Sheffield United at Bramall Lane, guys like Pallister,Mogga, Ripley and myself played.

I am absolutley delighted for my old captain, who has certainly turned our fortunes around since returning.

He has made a connection with the public, both on and off the park, speaks the same language, knows their mentality cause he is one of them and knows playing a certain style will get the missing fans back on board.

Finally I would like to say well done the Boro fans, well done the team and well done the manager.

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  1. PeterSwallow says:

    Ive talked to you about this before Bernie.

    But yesterday it was even more apparent.

    I watched the game on the dodgy satellite(hope Niall Quinn isnt reading) and saw Boro struggle. Despite playing 7 defenders we couldnt deal with the ball in the air. We were poor and very lucky. oh well great result though, cant complain.

    On the way home from the pub, I plugged in my iPod and listened to the radio. What I heard was ridiculous.

    A great performance, we were very comfortable, etc. No mention of the hattrick of sitters Henderson missed, no mention of the blatent red Emnes should have got. Apart from the teams and the score it sounded like a different game.

    Then it was rubbish about how excited they are for next season, when Mowbray gets his own team etc, with players like Bates, Taylor, Williams etc back. No mention of the fact most will be sold.

    Bates is out of contract the summer after next and will want to leave on a free for his payday, and he does have prem suiters. He is a certain exit. Taylor is out of contract this summer. Both our north east neighbours are keeping tabs on Bennett and Williams and arent the only prem clubs looking. Rangers have money and want Thomson back and we cant afford his wages.

    Basically anyone the fans want to keep will go, anyone we want rid of Boyd, Hoyte, McDonald etc will stay

    No mention of that on BBC Tees, they are completely in the clubs pocket. No doubt all these fans reading the press today who are saying “boro were battered” will be blaming the biased southern press.

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