Questions must be asked.

My Apologies for missing the last couple of games, I have had problems with the computer, it all fixed now so we will be back to normal.

People via my own website and Real Radio Legends phone in, emails, text, Facebook and Twitter, have been critical as to why it has taken so long for Chairman Steve Gibson to come to the fore.

People have been frustrated and annoyed at the lack of communication from the football club as a whole during this difficult period.

There may have been reasons for the silence, he may have been waiting until we were mathematically safe. As it stands today we more or less are.

Steve had an exclusive four page special in the local rag. I read the articles with interest.

The chairman over the last fifteen years has been our Sat Nav, he showed us the way, guided us to five Cup Finals and our first domestic trophy in the clubs history.

Digesting the article, I personally thought it was wishy washy, it came over as stage managed,there was no grilling or questions directed at the Chairman, it was just what he wanted to say. I have to be honest Eric Paylor from the Evening Gazette, is a great guy, but Jeremy Paxman he is not.

The Chairman started off by dismissing the rumors that the club was about to go int liquidation

“I don’t know where these stories come from , its all nonsense. People who spread these rumors are no friends of Middlesbrough football club.”

There is no denying the rumors and speculation have been rife, since the turn of the year, people put two and two together and get twelve. But the question must be asked why did it take so long to squash these rumors, maybe the chairman thought it would blow over, maybe he timed it right to encourage season ticket holders, that their hard earned cash wouldn’t be squandered.

“I have been bankrolling the club for the past fifteen years.”

No one can question that, Steve Gibson has been truly magnificent.

“We have had no offers from foreigners wanting to put money into our club.”

I was intrigued with this quote, I would have asked the question, what about local offers?

“When the season is over, there will be an inquest, we will look at where we have gone wrong and where we have gone right and people will be held responsible.”

My question to the Chairman would have been are you including yourself and the Chief Executive in this inquest, as every decision by the club is sanctioned by both of you. They are the ones that load the gun and let others fire it. Of course its easy to shift the blame and pass the buck and responsibility when you own the club.

“There will definitely be major changes at this club, we are not saying what we will do.”

What is the secret?

For me this inquest should have been four years ago, since Eindhoven the club has been in a downward spiral, and what will this inquest tells us that we didn’t already know.

Looking into the summer, manager tony Mowbray, who has worked wonders in very difficult circumstances, will have to be better than Del Boy at wheeling and dealing.

Mogga has been open and honest saying he has to reduce the wage bill from over 20 million to under 10 million. How is he going to achieve that, with average championship players on premiership wages.

I am sure everyone at the football club continues to have the enthusiasm, the passion, the drive and the ambition, but the question must be asked, when will we have the financial clout to match the ambition.

Finally the Chairman is backing the kids to bring back the good times. Lets hope they can live up to the billing. Our academy products have been second to none over the years, Dave Parnaby and his backroom staff deserve the plaudits. We all know the outcome back in 86, when the club bounced back from liquidation, no money and a team full of local lads. Lets hope for a repeat performance.

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  2. Al Glasgow says:

    Steve Gibson, Kieth Lamb and another chap all turned up at Gazette Buildings on Borough Road and asked to speak to Eric Paylor and the Editor last week. It was a complete surprise, so Paylor was winging it and had no pre planned questions

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