I would like to sincerely thank, everyone who has purchased tickets for the gary Parkinson dinner at the Tall Trees in Yarm on the 12th May.

Over 900 people will be attending, including Parkys wife and family.

Im sure it will be a terriffic evening and we will hopefully raise thousands of pounds for Parky and his family during this difficult time.

I would also like to thank Real Radio and The Evening Gazette, for letting me advertise the event.

A massive thank you to Lal and the Tall Trees and all the 86 team, Bruce Rioch, Colin Todd, Colin Henderson and Steve Gibson and special thanks to Gary Hamilton who is travelling from America to attend.

A big thank you to people who have donated signed shirts, balls,raffle and auction prizes.

Thanks to Studio print at Redcar, Party Galore who have just opened a shop in Berwick Hills, Daza, Andrea, Claire and Micky for the tremendous support and effort they have all given.

I look forward to seeing everyone on the night.

Remember lads you need to have a shave, otherwise Bruce Rioch could fine you.

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  1. trog64 says:

    Well done Bernie for organising what is going to be a fabulous event.

    I am absolutely gutted that I was too late to apply for five tickets for myself and some friends who were regulars home and away during those glorious Rioch years. I hadn’t anticipated the rapid take up and admittedly I only have myself to blame as I had intended to book as soon as it was announced. Understandbly my mates are not too impressed with me either. I understand from reading the Gazette that you are trying to get further tickets and if I could get hold of 5 or even 3 then at least I would have some mates left. I will provide an additional donation to the ‘Parky’ fund if I manage to purchase some tickets, so please let me know if there is the remotest chance of getting hold of some.

  2. I should be back in old blighty at this time, but only got confirmation yesterday. Bernie, I take great pride in knowing that our adopted son of Teesside plays such an influential role in the area. May I take this opportunity in wishing you and all attendees a good evening on the 12th May, and although without tickets I cannot be there, my thoughts and good wishes will be with you all for such an important occasion.

    Have a drink for me, and hopefully you can persuade some of the attendees to donate items that you could either sell or auction here on your website for those people who cannot attend.

    Best wishes once more, Rusty Brown.

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