Portsmouth 0, Middlesbrough 0.

A great away point at Pompey, especially with Sheffield United getting gubbed 3-0 at Watford. Scunthorpe getting walloped 3-0 at home to Leicester and Crystal Palace losing 2-1 at QPR.

By all accounts it was an organised, solid performance from the lads. So well done to them.

We remain fifth bottom, level with Coventry.

Finally with Lita getting taken off injured, that leaves us once again lightweight up front, as Kris Boyd is now at Nottingham Forest.

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  1. Kent Boro says:

    I agree, bernie.

    It was a great point today and it was fantastic to get a clean sheet away from home, after the Reading horror show, which I witnessed first hand. Obviously, Lita being injured is a headache we could do without, but I would rather play Emnes and McDonald and even Miller than recall Kris Boyd.

    Keep up the good work, Bernie. You are a true Boro legend.

  2. PeterSwallow says:

    Bernie I was in hysterics today listening to Radio Propaganda

    This week, we have been humiliated by Reading, then I watched the worst 60 minutes of football I have ever seen on Tuesday against a very poor Derby side, and then I listened to Boro struggle against a lowly Portsmouths side.

    4pts is very good for a team in our position, but the way Radio Propaganda were going on was laughable. You would think Portsmouth were battling for an automatic position, now a few places above us, and starting the season with only 8 full time players.

    The entire afternoon consisted of over exaggerations of players abilities. Williams is a rolls royce FOUR TIMES for gods sake, but the most illuminating thing was how they time and time again mentioned how excited they were for next season.

    Me, you, every Boro fan and loveable simpleton Micky Horswill know we will have a summer of heartache. We need to reduce the wage bill from £20m a year to £6m a year, anyone with value with leave. The only bonus is that some are so unrated and highly paid we will be stuck with them like Robson, McDonald, and Bailey. Otherwise it would be kids and league 2 players.

    Obviously Radio Propaganda have been instructed by Boro to start hyping us up in preparation for Season ticket renewals coming out.

  3. bernieslaven says:

    hi Peter ,
    .my son listens to to the official clubs hand picked radio station and he said the exact same thing as yourself. If both the presenters honestly think things are going to get better next season, then both should be locked up in a padded cell with the key thrown away.
    How are we going to improve, with more of the big earners departing and no money available?
    Our team next season will be made up of free transfers, youth and average players, im intrigued as to how the club is going to attract the fans next season.
    Theres been a deadly silence from the guys at the top during these difficult times and the p r is non existent.
    Manager Tony Mowbray is the only person coming out and saying anything.
    As fans all we want to know is what is the future of the club, whats the financial state and were are we heading ?
    All we want is a few home truths and honesty.

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