Middlesbrough 3, Swansea 4.

I listened to an interview before todays game from Middlesbrough boss Tony Mowbray.

He was saying that Swansea have a very good technical team, who zip the ball about, he finished by saying they don’t concede many and they don’t score many.

After I heard those quotes, I laughed and said on the radio I hope that’s not the kiss of death.

Well who in their right mind could have predicted  a 4-3 defeat, after leading 3-1.

Our young inexperienced defence were exposed time and time again and were torn to shreds on occasions by free flowing Swansea.

Scoring 3 at home should have been enough to win the game, but not on this occasion.

Another customary late goal conceded.

Any neutral at the game , must have thoroughly enjoyed it.

But for us its not about the performance, its about the result and yet again we have thrown away another 3 precious points.

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  1. PeterSwallow says:

    For me no one should moan about the 10 millionth goal we have conceded in the 90+ minute.

    Swansea were the better side from minute 1 to minute 94. Boro were never on top and going 3-1 ahead was a miracle.

    The team was dreadful. I have never saw a worse centre back pairing as Grounds and Hines.

    Simply put if Gibson doesnt put his hand in his pocket and get us a centre back in on loan(because obviously we have ruled out Hass already) we will find ourselves bottom in a matter of weeks.

    I honestly fear how many QPR and Forest will score past us.

    Secondly Mowbray is a clown. Bennett was blatently injured why play him? and then why put Emnes infront of him leaving him open to one of the best wide players in the league Nathan Dyer. If we had Robson and Emnes swap wings the stronger Robson would have scared Dyer and at least slowed him down. We did nothing.

    And whats Mowbrays responce to it going to 3-3. Taking off 7 goal Lita and 4 goal McDonald, for 0 goal Franks, and Midfielder Zemamma. Yeah we really wanted to win. At that point we had 7 goals in the team all season total.

    I wont talk about Steele, I just dont want to see him on the team sheet ever again.

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