Middlesbrough 0 , Queens Park Rangers 3.

Queens Park Rangers showed why they are odds on to win promotion back into the premiership, with their slick and accurate passing, good movement and deadly finishing.

Boro on the other hand showed why they are fighting for their championship lives. There is no doubt the odds were stacked against us, against a very good side.

But to get gubbed 3-0, with no reply was majorly disappointing.

Defensively we had more holes than Rab Nesbits string vest, midfield was totally overran and as an attacking force we were toothless.

All in all we were outclassed and out-passed.

Surprisingly up until today QPR had only won one away game since the turn of the year.

There was never any danger of an upset as the opponents were in total control

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  1. PeterSwallow says:

    QPR weren’t that good. Boro were that bad.

    I have come to the conclusion that we are going down, because Mowbray said we weren’t outclassed. If he thinks that is acceptable then he is a jeffing fool.

    1 shot on target from open play all game. It came form Kennys poor pass. Hence Boro created nothing in 90 minutes.

    The players were arguing between themselves all game. There is no harmony between them.

    The defense was a joke, they made more chances for QPR than they did themselves.

    He needs to rip up this team and start from scratch.

    I am sick of people defending Steele. He is a poor poor keeper. He makes at least 3 mistakes a game not including his woeful kicking. Not all are punished but making them is bad enough. Jones would have been lynched for it.

    The centre backs are changing because of Davies injuries, so we are back to Grounds and Hines(Mowbray confirmed this). How bad is Hass if he cant get in between this tried and tested failure of partnership.

    No wonder we cant create anything when 2 left backs in midfield. Halliday in his few apperances hasnt impressed me, but why was he sat in front of me in the staidum and a left back with no pace on the left wing. He might not be the finished article, but I guarantee he would get at least 1 cross in a game, more than taylor has done in weeks.

    The less about Arca and the forwards the better.

    McMahon Grounds Hines Bennett
    Emnes Robson Bailey Tavaras Halliday

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