My visit to see Gary.

I played in the same team as Parky between 1986-1992, he was an all round good defender,who possessed a terrific shot and who scored several long range efforts during his 200 odd appearances for  the Boro.

The one that sticks in my mind is a cup replay at Goodison against Everton, when he hit a thirty yard raker, to beat one of the greatest goalkeepers around at the time, Neville Southall. A superb goal, a goal I could only dream about.

Apart from a good all round footballer, as a person and team mate, he was brilliant, witty, honest, and fancied himself as a bit of a singer.

I travelled to visit Parky, with Micky Horswill  today.

I will be honest I was a bit apprehensive on arrival. As we went into the room Parky was sitting watching TV.

Parky looked better than I expected, there is no denying he has got a massive fight on his hands.

He cant communicate  yet but is aware of everything you say to him. I stayed with him for over an hour, In that time he genuinely laughed several times.

I have been asked on numerous occasions how is Parky, send my regards onto him, he’s a great lad.

Well I can only inform the Boro faithful, that he is in a stable condition, and putting up a fight as he did during the liquidation days at the Boro.

The smile that came across his face, whilst I was talking to him about our times at Boro, gave me great hope that he can improve and made me proud, that I have got a mate like Parky.

I thought twice about mentioning the visit, but I think it is vitally important to keep the awareness going for Parky and his family, during this difficult period.

I promised I would go and visit him again, and I would ask you all as fans, to post any messages that you want me to take to him and I will print them all and take them with me, as reading things out to him is part of his rehabilitation programme.

Please can I ask you all, to remember Parky and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

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  1. Do you know what Bernie, this has lifted me. The last i heard was that he was totally immobile. Glad to hear that he is making at least small improvements. Fingers crossed for the future… I hope Parky knows that he has thousands of fans/friends around the town who genuinely wish hime the best. I have nothing but good memories of watching Parky play for Boro.

    Please keep us informed Bernie.


  2. shaun71 says:

    Thanks for letting us know Bernie. There was a long thread on the Fly Me To The Moon website when Parkys illness first came to light. I printed it out and sent it on, so hopefully hes aware of it. Ive been in touch with Lee Turnbull too, who says that there will hopefully be some events planned. Pass on my best wishes, Parky, like yourself was part of a very special side. I still remember his goals at Everton and home to Sunderland like it was yesterday. Keep fighting Parky lad!

  3. Parky you are a Ayresome legend, even bigger a legend than that git Slaven !! Get better soon fella from us all at Marske United FC.

  4. Neil Garratt says:

    Very moving Bernie. There is a small chance he will be able to talk again. Lets hope he`s one of those. Come on Parky.

  5. Well done, Bernie, for sharing that with us.
    Parky, we love you. Keep fighting. You’re truly one of us and if we all pray hard, you’ll come through the other side. The Spirit of ’86 is strong. You’re a total gent and a incredible battler.
    Your goals at Everton and home to the Mackems will always be remembered, but it’s you being part of that incredible back 5 from Brucey’s days that will live long in Teessiders’ memories.

  6. paul murphy says:

    i was 16 in 86 gary and i can remember the games you played in like it was yesterday.That era is more memorable to me than any of boros recent history,and it was players like you with the passion and pure love of football that made it so.I would just like to say a big thankyou for the memories and all my best wishers go to you and your family.:-)

  7. Hi Bernie, just seen your site. And as you will be aware there are a lot of things happening to raise funds and awareness for Gary and his plight.

    At Burnley the Former Players Association are having a tribute dinner, with actions ect

    Here’s a link.

    Cheers Warren

  8. JRB_79 says:

    Please pass on my best wishes to Parky. I want him to know that he’s not doing this alone. Us Boro fans are with him every inch of the way. Thoughts and prayers are with you. “We Shall Overcome” :-), from Julie (Thornaby-on-Tees) xxx

  9. tundra says:

    Bernie – thank you for this. Everything had gone quiet about Gary and I was wondering what the situation was. You have done absolutely the right thing in writing this update. Your concern for him is touching too. He will need people like you all the way through this and so will those caring for him on a daily basis. So – well done!

    Gary – don’t forget there are thousands of us out here who are thinking of you and wishing you well. With your strength of character and the support of those around you I’m sure you can go forward each day. Best wishes to you, your family and your carers.

    Bjorn Hiesterday (Newcastle Fan – only joined Bernie’s Blog cos I saw your name – I wouldn’t touch Slaven with a bargepole normally, but it’s worth it to send this message to you!)

  10. I’m glad Gary’s doing well & hope it continues as he was a great favourite of not only mine but most Burnley fans. His goal at Wembley in the play-offs will stay in our hearts forever, god grant you better health & a lot of happiness Gaz you BFC LEGEND!

  11. garryrobinson2k11 says:

    Hi Bernie,
    You may remember me, maybe you don’t? I was an apprentice and young professional player at Middlesbrough in 1986 to 1990 and have great memories of my time there at Ayresome Park. Could you pass on my best wishes for the future for Parky and his family. Parky was always fighting against his weight in those days and many a time I remember him with a black bag on running, riding the exercise bike and believe it or not going in the sauna just before the dreaded weigh in’s, just so he didn’t get the “Brown Envelope” with a club fine in. A great lad who always had time for us young un’s I hope he makes an amazing recovery! Top Man!

  12. joannecolin53 says:

    Hello Bernie please could you pass on my good wishes to Gary and his family.They will need a lot of support from friends and family.I am sure all Boro’ fans will be thinking of Gary and will all be willing him to get stronger.I hope that everything goes well for him in the future my thoughts are with him.Lots of love Lynne ex Boro’ kit ladyxx

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