Middlesbrough 1, Preston Northend 1.

We went into the game on a high after  last weeks demolition at Bristol City, looking to take all 3 points against basement boys Preston Northend.

After a terriffic goal for Mathew Bates in the 71st minute. There looked as if there was only going to be one winner.

But a a Boro fan I should have known better, once again we conceeded a late goal, Jones the goalscorer in 88 minutes.

I am fed up saying, when are we going to learn.

The disappointing result means we drop a place in the league table and now sit 5th bottom, 3 points above Sheffield United and 4 points above the relegation zone.

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  1. PeterSwallow says:

    Yesterdays performance terrified me, I was ready to complain even before Preston got there equalizer.

    How can a team that has 75% possession against the team languishing at the bottom of the table, muster only 2 real opportunities, both of which are squandered. I was laughing at the highlights at halftime when it showed Boro shooting from outside of the box, it was our only chance of scoring.

    Everytime the McMahon or Bennett broke forward their crosses hit the first man, the ‘wide’ men Taylor and ONeil were pointless. We created nothing.

    Bernie I have a question. One team has 75% possession has 4 shots on target and scores once, the other team only has 25% possession but equally has 4 shots on target and scores once, Who is the better team? For me its the more effective team, the one with 25% possession.

    Preston were very poor and their defence is nervy, if we cant break them down how are we going to do at the Leicesters, Hulls, and Coventrys of this league. Let alone Cardiff, QPR and the rest of the top 6 we have to face away form home.

    It seems weird to say but despite being in a decent unbeaten run, I would rip that team to shreads.

    Steele is the titus bramble of goalkeeping, he can be great for 89 mins, but is guaranteed to make one howler, is kicking is dreadful. Time to drop.

    The midfield We have Taylor, Bailey, O’Neil and Robson/Arca. 3 left footers, one right footer, and one is a full back playing out of position, another has scored 17 goals in this league previously. Common sense says, the right footer O’Neil goes on the right, The full back Taylor plays a defensive position in the middle, The player with 17 goals in this league before Bailey gets forward, and the other left footer plays on the left.

    O’Neil Taylor Bailey Robson/Arca

    What does Mowbray do? A left footer robson goes on the right, O’Neil plays in an attacking role in midfield 0 league goals and 1 assist all season for him, Bailey plays defensive and Taylor players left wing and doesnt get forward once.

    Also Emnes, whats the point. His pace has made us look better but he has barely had a shot since coming back and looks a lifetime away from scoring. Aliadiere does a similar role to Emnes, but gets a pathetic total of 5 a season compared to Emnes’ 0. We need him back.

    McMahon Bates Grounds Taylor
    O’Neil Arca Bailey Park
    Lita Aliadiere(Miller if not back)

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