Gary Parkinson, dinner date confirmed.

Just want to let everyone know, I have arranged the Gary Parkinson dinner to be held at the Tall Trees in yarm on Thursday 5th May 2011.

I am personally contacting all of the 86 team and Im sure they all will be there on the evening to support Gary and his family.

The tickets have gone on sale on my website look in the shop page for £30.00 each.

Can I ask you all as Boro fans to get behind this and lets raise as much money as we can for Parky.

3 Responses to “Gary Parkinson, dinner date confirmed.”

  1. redcarbozo says:

    Booked 4 tickets and cant wait to support Gary,should be a cracking night….Spirit of 86

  2. shaun71 says:

    2 tickets booked, great idea

  3. Tony Rogers says:

    Trying to get hold of 5 tickets for the Gary Parkinson dinner but I have heard they are sold out. Is this true ? if so, could there be any more available and how would I buy them ?

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