Burton Albion 2, Middlesbrough 1.

For a football club deep in financial trouble and been forced to sell our best players in the January window, getting knocked out of the FA Cup 3rd round by a 2nd division outfit, who lie in 17th place in the division, is disastrous.

It was vitally important to progress in the competition, not just from a football point of view, but financially.

Tony Mowbray has said all week leading up to the tie that he would play his strongest team.

Well for me that was far from our strongest starting line up, no Steele, Wheater or Robson, 3 first team regulars.

Going back to the game , we were 1 -0 up  and cruising, we had the lions share of possession but yet again our naivety in front of goal was costly and conceding yet again in the dying embers of the game is an absolute travesty.

For those supporters who think its going to get better in the January window, they are either deluded, blind or don’t know a thing about football.

How can a team that sit 1 point off the bottom 4 in the championship, let their so called better players go and bring in bargin basement buys and loan players and think things will improve.

We might as well face up to reality, we are no longer a buying club, anyone of any talent will be sold.

I said months ago our season could be over by January. I AM AFRAID IT IS.

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  1. Keith Mccabe says:

    I agree Bernie, the season is looking, well, scary!! We should have destroyed Burton with the possession of the game. Again we fold, what the hell is going on??
    As you say about Mogga playing his full strength team, well do we have one? Steele has been shocking, Wheater is on his way and Robson well he is prob one of our best players but we cant just rely on that!
    The january bargain bucket sale will not do a thing for MFC, we need to train and play harder, more passionate than ever or we go down!
    The club behind the scenes has been going to the dogs since the Uefa days ( werent that long ago was it??), the club needs to get the old Boro fight in it again!

  2. PeterSwallow says:

    I agree the season is over we are already relegated. Even if the idiots running the club show some balls and not sell anyone we will still go down.

    Confidence was low as it is, 4 games in a row we have dominated and we have got 1 win, 2 draws and 1 defeat. Thats the mark of a bad side, and confidence will be shattered. Come Bristol City next week we could start off great, but if we miss a sitter heads will drop and we will get destroyed. I am predicting a 5 or 6 nil defeat next weekend.

    As for bringing players in, we wont full stop. The club might go for some players but they wont get them, and the club know they wont get them. We are over the 30 man limit already, if Boyd, O’Neil and Wheater go we are still at 30 men. Any new players wouldnt be able to play.

    The simple fact is we will be a lot weaker at the end of Jan, and going on yesterday we could struggle in League 2 let alone League 1.

    3 relegations in 4 seasons is on the cards.

  3. Neil Garratt says:

    Keep the faith. It doesnt bode well Bernie, selling the best and hoping journeymen, tired old legs and young kids will fill their boots. It reminds me of John Neales team when Hodgo, Johnson and Armstrong got flogged, to be replaced by second raters who eventually lead us down the path to bankruptcy. The likes of Otto and Kennedy were never going to replace decent players. They were schitt. You get what you pay for. we know its all about money, well its time to prune the club root and branch. Some of the suits and hangers-on need to go and rrespect given to the people that are always there: the fans. Sponsors come and go. Players milk the club and sod off, but we`re still here and getting fed up being taken for granted.

  4. ccole says:

    Have to disagree with you Bernie. I know we are in the “clart”, but anyone who attends the games has seen over the last month or so will agree that we are steadily improving. We coped ok in our last two games against the Divisions two form side. We were unlucky to get beat at the weekend, a couple of school boy errors in the last ten, but that’s what the FA Cup is all about. Ask, Bruce, Pardew, Clough, etc……. I am sure you must remember from your days as playing that these things happen.

    We are on a long road, and they will be set backs on the way, but we are moving forward. I am sure that everyone one to keep our best players, but unfortunately, finances play a part in running football clubs, and you can only spend what you have. As Mr Lamb said on your show once, “the town will get a team it can afford” and at the moment, no-one is throwing their hard earned cash at us to finance players wages that are above our station. I don’t want what we can’t afford.

    I am sure Mogga will get it right, and using local/young talent, we will again start winning, and people will return to finance greater talent at the club.

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