January is our saviour.

Another defeat on the road that’s now 1 win, 1 draw and 8 defeats on our travels, with only 4 goals scored in the championship.

We remain in the bottom 3 , with high flying Cardiff our next opponents.

Since my old team mate Mogga took over, our fortunes have failed to improve.

Its not his fault, he has inherited a team that lacks in so many departments.

The key question is, how does he find that winning formula?

I’m being brutally honest, his job is as difficult as a man climbing Mount Everest with a pair of san shoes on.

I have heard numerous  fans on the legends show, read emails and texts messages regarding our status with fans saying ‘ Lets get to January.’

What exactly do we think is going to happen when the window opens?

People are talking as if Wayne Rooney, Ranaldo and Lampard will be joining us, to get us out of the relegation battle.

It is absolute nonsense. Look I respect everyones opinion,  whether I agree with them or not, but lets put things into perspective.

The players that will depart, will be  greater players than the ones we bring in, the last few years has proved that.

Any player with star quality will not be looking to join a side that is 2nd bottom of the Championship.

I hear fans say, ‘It’s about rebuilding.’ How can you rebuild with no quality, no money and foundations crumbling.

If we are not careful we could drop another division.

I know there are Boro fans who will knock me because I don’t portray everything to be rosy in the garden.

Well that’s is fine , but it is about time people stopped kidding themselves, stopped stroking each others egos and faced up to reality and started talking a few home truths, before it is too late.

Its one thing being a loyal supporter and  the ultimate optimist, its another being stupid.

The only thing that is guaranteed in the month of January is sales and basement buys and you can bet your dollar that is where we will be shopping, irrespective of the money we bring in.

After relegation from the premier it looked common sense to get rid of your star names and big earners.

It now looks ridiculous to sell your best players, or anyone for that matter when you are sitting 2nd bottom of the league.

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  1. Al Glasgow says:

    We are in a relegation battle no doubt about it Bernie, and I think unless the tug of the heartstrings intervene Wheater will be off to the Geordies and I say Good Luck to him ( I may be in the minority there) There could be an England Team in the future made up of people who used to be at Boro Downing, Johnson, Cattermole, Wheater, Steele and Hogg at Villa was at Boro too years ago

    Bad Times….I still think with a bit a luck we can be ok

  2. breadmaker says:

    Just read FMTTM to see those who believe the men at the top at Boro are beyond reproach. Thats whats wrong with our beloved club. NOBODY, apart from our Bernie is asking questions about the men at the top. We are left with foam handed happy clappers kissing Steve Gibsons backside.

    Lets face it, Steve Gibson has done brilliant for a few years. However, he stood still and went backwards. We should not of been relegated, with the money we spent, but appointing Gareth, as a PREM manager, was a huge dissaster. Then sacking him as he would of at least put us in the play offs, was simply MADNESS.

    We need a new way forward with Steve Gibson and Keith Lamb out the door. Thank you for the good times, however, these are really BAD times and heading towards pre 1986. I know one thing, nobody could do a worse job than Steve Gibson and Keith Lamb right now, can anyone really argue against that? no, I didn’t think so. We are still a big club, fantastic stadium, great training facilities etc etc, we need new investment.

    So Steve, over to you. Because you are a multi millionaire, and speak with a plumb in your mouth, does not give you the god given right to make assumptions about our beloeved club. It does not give you the right to believe everything you do at BORO, is correct, because the last four years has indicated, you have not acted in the best interests of the club. Just ask the fans who are targeted for making noise at a football match, or pundits and players who are strong armed into silence. Nope, you are now reaping what you sewn.



  3. Kent Boro says:

    I don’t think January will be a turning point in our season but (hopefully) Mogga will be able to off-load a few of the players that he doesn’t rate. I think Boyd will be top of his list and we might have no option but to sell Wheater.

    Regardless, of who we sign in the January transfer window or get rid of, I still think we’ll be relegated from the championship come may.

    We just don’t have the quality in the squad to win us games against very average opposition. It’s a nightmare scenerio that is fast becoming a reality, which even the most loyal and optimistic supporter will have to face up to and accept

  4. PeterSwallow says:

    Bernie I have only one problem with your article today, you arent giving players stick. Its time we named names and shamed those letting us down.

    Leroy Lita cost us a point yesterday. He showboated with his stuttering penalty and it backfired, he then tried to showboat with the rebound by hitting it as hard as he could, when if he placed it either side he would have scored. Yesterdays defeat lies on his shoulders. And He and the fans need to be made blatantly clear of this.

    Bailey and O’Neil need to be highlighted as letting us down yesterday as well.

    Downing is done with England he will never play for them again.

    Cattermole must be about 8th choice in the central midfield area, Gerrard, Barry, Carrick, Lampard, Wilshire, Henderson, and Milner. Anf if he cant get called up now in Englands current mess and the junior partner of Sunderlands Midfield Henderson can, it shows he is being looked over.

    Wheater, lol. He might be Boros best player but he is looking poor in the championship. Terry, Ferdinand, Cahill, Lescott, Jageilka, Smalling, Shawcross, King, Dawson, Mancinne, Jones(Blackburn), are all ahead of him

    Steele, maybe

    Hogg, he left at 13 you cant call him a former player.

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