More humiliation.

After my article earlier this week, regarding changing things at the top, comes the bombshell that the club are being sued by several former players.

We can only assume they are owed substantial amounts of money for it to be taken to the high court.

Now that its out in the public domain, what kind of message does this send out to the fans and incoming players?

I have never read anything from our arch rivals Newcastle united and Sunderland regarding disputes over contracts.

I remember interviewing former boro star Mark Viduka, he experienced similar  problems  regarding unpaid image rights.

In my humble opinion, something is drastically wrong at our football club.

If a player signs a contract regardless of how he performs, the contract should be honoured and fulfilled.

Middlesbrough are contesting the claim and we can only hope they are successful and prove their innocence.

There is already a lack of faith and trust at this moment surrounding the club.

I suspect a lot of the players that depart from Middlesbrough are initially gagged.

I experienced this when I left the club.

I was asked by the chief executive to sign a form, saying that I wouldn’t say anything detrimental against the club. I refused point blank.

For me when a player or member of staff departs from the club, on good or bad terms, no one should be restricted from freedom of speech,in the interest of running a successful club all the fans deserve the truth.

3 Responses to “More humiliation.”

  1. Al Glasgow says:

    I agree Bernie it’s one thing to another, and constant PR own goals

  2. Neil Garratt says:

    Youre right Bernie. This club is exfoliating like a rock in a desert. We`ve been lied to and the liers have to go!

  3. Kent Boro says:

    Yes, it’s absolutely disgraceful what is going on at our club. Sadly, while the current CEO is in place nothing will change and things are likely to get even worse.

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